Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered!

How and why does the desire to hit the road spark in a motorcyclist's head?

Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered! It is not important where to go or how much time to spend: what matters is the idea of freedom that the motorcycle gives and that makes every trip an adventure of a lifetime.

If you want to explore Italy, motorcycle touring is definitely the most direct and enjoyable way available to you.

Let's go together then to discover the Tuscan Maremma, to enrich your desire to travel on two wheels.

One journey, many experiences

When you decide to get into the saddle, it is important to draw up a careful schedule to adhere to and at least establish the direction to take.

Often, the most romantic way to start a trip "on the road" is to go free and aimless, but by doing so, especially in company, you may encounter quite a few inconveniences, such as:

  • the usual unforeseen events that happen down the road (for a thousand reasons Murphy's law is always lurking)
  • the difficulty of finding the right location to stop at
  • The constant concern about safe parking for the motorcycle overnight

Any inconvenience could make your outing less enjoyable: good planning really does make a difference!

Passion for motorcycles, Maremma and charming resort

Three elements that go very well together and have brought Le Versegge Resort&Restaurant to perfectly combine the idea of vacation: passion for motorcycles, Maremma and charming resort.

It all began in this enchanting and wild part of Tuscany, thanks to the enthusiasm of two friends-Carlo Morfini and Tommaso Guicciardini-who mounted it on motorcycles when they were very young and ... who never got off!

"We know the market," Carlo explained to us over the phone, "so we wanted to mix it up and create this new format, where motorcycle travel is an opportunity to live by the day, with a well-coordinated set of experiences.

Maremma on a motorcycle: a specific Hub for boundless adventure

Le Versegge Resort&Restaurant is a little piece of paradise that evokes the character of a charming vacation.

In fact, calling it a farmhouse is a mistake. In this country residence, one breathes a love of the environment and nature, along with the concept of "care" that few facilities are able to offer.

The owner is Tommaso Guicciardini: for some time now, the motorcycle has become a reason to combine knowledge and passion, and to build "perfect vacations."

"Take the bike and go," Tommaso smiles as we stand by a lovely pool, "and I am reminded of so many memories of wonderful adventures here in Maremma.

So we thought that Maremma is a concentrate of Tuscany."

But what are the advantages of a vacation at Le Versegge? "Many," Tommaso explains, "and mainly related to the need not to be flattened by the bike and, in some ways, be a slave to it. 

Motorcycles and Maremma: a perfect combination!

It only remains for us to recap the highlights of a vacation with a capital V. In summary:

  • Maremma. It is reached by beautiful roads and has the advantage of being in the heart of Italy.
  • Relaxation, services, good food, swimming pool and a small spa are just some of the ideas within reach of your reservation.
  • Making new experiences: the possibility of taking classes in Yoga (motorcycle zen?).
  • Respect for your bike that has given you so much! Here you will find covered parking, a safe place, a fully equipped workshop, and the possibility of having 24-hour assistance.
  • Do you want to upload GPX files to your navigator? With Maremma in Moto you have 100 different routes: many of the most fun destinations.
  • In a group it may be the case to book a guide and with this plan, already from the reservation, the character of your vacation.

In short ... it's time to pack up the bike, to pray your wife doesn't take on the world while knowing that a motorcycle jacket and blue jeans will suffice.

It's time to convince the Club's friends that sea, sun and breathtaking scenery are ready to welcome you with open arms and that the most beautiful Maremma is experienced only with your face to the wind. On a motorcycle, of course!

Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered!

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