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     Motorcycle tourism

Motorcycle tourism? LeVersegge Resort has for many years been an active center for promoting the Motorcycle tourism in the Tuscan Maremma.

Those who know this way of traveling know that the motorcycle is a truly unique tool for quality tourism and to experience a moment where, passion for two wheels and beauty of the Environment, come together in a unique experience.

The motorcycle world is like a Community and support comes from teamwork.

For this, Le Versegge Resort, moved by the passion of its founder, has gathered around it a professional and trained staff, an environment suitable for motorcycles with covered parking and workshop.

Plus lots of experience on the road to travel different and exciting routes. 

LeVersegge Resort collaborates with two important entities related to motorcycling and motorcycle tourism: the magazine Motociclismo and

This magazine has chosen LeVersegge Resort as a partner of Tester Travel, an event dedicated to motorcycle touring with the opportunity to try for three days all kinds of adventure motorcycles is instead a tour operator, a direct partner of LeVersegge Resort, which is able to support all kinds of needs of mototourists.

This is why a trip to LeVersegge Resort will allow you to fully enjoy your motorcycle vacation in the Tuscan Maremma, in a superlative location and with an organization that is truly up to the task.


  • Why choose LeVersegge Resort as the center of your motorcycle itineraries?
    Every motorcyclist will find, in this charming farmhouse, someone who really understands him and speaks to him as a motorcyclist.
    This is not a small detail, but we assure you that every type of itinerary, both road and off, will know how to find with us the best road alternatives, the best guides and all the assistance you need.
    For example, thanks to GPX tracks to be easily loaded on your navigator to be the protagonist in your itinerary.

  • Do you want a BMW for rent?
    LeVersegge Resort is also in contact with many BMW Motorrad Clubs and moves with the local BMW Motorrad dealer Motofabbris to give your vacation all kinds of support including logistics.
    We'll have it for you when you arrive at LeVersegge Resort.
    That way you won't have to give up your family vacation and your family won't give up a day on the bike perhaps with your child.