Maremma means adventure

The most beautiful experiences can be found at Le Versegge Resort in the Tuscan Maremma.

Why follow our tips to spend an adventure nature vacation?

Because Le Versegge Resort specializes in experience tourism: this means knowing how to plan your vacation based on many exchange opportunities. Motorcycle, biking, horseback riding, trekking, are very engaging outdoor activities. 

Le Versegge Resort is a partner in organizing motorcycle routes of special beauty. Le Versegge Resort together with, a well-known promoter in the field of mototourism, has been the arrival point for many motorcyclists and clubs for many years.

Is it true that for the past three years Le Versegge Resort has been cooperating with Motociclismo magazine in the realization of the event Tester Day Travel, a kind of group test open to motorcyclists who are most curious about the novelties on the market.

Riding a motorcycle is freedom

Participating ina Tester Day Travel is a must-do experience for most enthusiasts. Motorcycle enthusiasts but also enthusiasts of a quality stay at Le Versegge Resort.. This is why Motociclismo magazine, many BMW Motorrad Clubs and many individual motorcyclists have chosen the programs and the philosophy of Le Versegge Resort..

Le Versegge Resort thinks of everything

You don't have to worry about a thing. At Le Versegge Resort you will find covered parking for your motorcycle, a small workshop suitable for minor repairs, and all the passion of a staff trained in the "Two-Wheeler" industry.

But experience is also experiencing nature at its most beautiful: Sports.

Lots of adventures for you

Want to spend a day mountain biking supported by experienced guides? No problem, we have many really exciting programs. If it is then preferable to rent a bike or an e-bike, quickly done: draw the rental program on your vacation.

Maremma is also horseback riding experiences. Experiencing a day walking through the woods will be truly unique for you, your friends, or for a special time to enjoy with your family.

In short, call us and your adventurous vacation will become a real experience to tell about when you return. Maremma is the best place to do it and Le Versegge Resort a charming Agriturismo truly unforgettable.

The Tuscan Maremma - The experiences to be lived:


The Tuscan Maremma - The Territory:

The Tuscan Maremma-The most imaginative territory in Italy. Suffice it to say that you can go in less than an hour from the sea to the mountains, from the rolling hills of Morellino to the great woods of the Colline Metallifere. Cities of Art, nature, environment of extraordinary beauty, hot springs, high-level gastronomy and wine, the real emerging protagonist of this unique territory. 

Living a vacation in the Tuscan Maremma means being aware of a lifestyle: that somewhat New Age philosophy that is attractive to nature and reciprocates with it the respect and balance of an ancient model of existing. 

A village, a small museum, a small church, a secluded beach, a walk in the Maremma Park, a horseback ride, a solitary trek, the sight of a deer, a wheat field, will be something to meditate with, to dialogue with.

Dialogue with a vacation in nature and without employing frills or, worse, elaborate methods to attract the loudest audience. 

The Tuscan Maremma - The area that was called the landscape of the soul and will take you back to an ancient, people-friendly vacation.