Re Sugo is closed for vacation and will reopen in March 2024.
Many thanks to all our customers!


The Re Sugo restaurant is located adjacent to LeVersegge Resort and is close to Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia.

It has been likened to a window looking out on the taste of the Tuscan Maremma, and its architectural structure is intriguing, as if the property were a workshop revised to the present day.

In fact, Re Sugo addresses the Maremma countryside and its romantic views, with villages on hilltops alternating with rosy lights and colors at sunset.

It is a restaurant that sees Montepescali, Sticciano and other villages rich in history and tradition. 

Experiencing a charming vacation at Le Versegge Resort, also means sharing a reality that makes Tuscany a territory richer than ever in excellence.

Re Sugo Restaurant was created to complete your vacation by letting you discover the other side of the Tuscan Maremma.

If you appreciate a vacation in touch with nature, we suggest you complement it at the table. 

In fact, Re Sugo is among the thirty best Maremma restaurants according to Tripadvisor.

For reservations: +39 334 7759095


Our cuisine

Since 2005, Re Sugo Restaurant has been following the skills of an extraordinary Chef: nature.

From Spring to Fall, each of our dishes respects the course of the seasons, bringing to the table the vegetables and excellences of that specific time of year.

The cuisine we offer is typically related to the dishes of the Tuscan Maremma: soups such as Acqua Cotta or Ribollita, and Maremma tortelli made with Ricotta and Spinach and served with a chosen beef ragout or with butter and sage.

Wild boar is preferred paired with apples or orange thus enhancing the flavor of the game.

Stuffed Guinea Fowl Breast is a recipe rich in flavor thanks to typical herbs.

It can happen to eat real first fruits such as field asparagus, which we pair with short semolina pasta. 

At Re Sugo's, fresh pasta is homemade, and among our signature dishes is a coffee tagliatelle accompanied by a Gorgonzola and walnut sauce, the only digression to a more imaginative and creative cuisine.

At Re Sugo, we love tomatoes, which is why we only use tomatoes that are heavy metal free and Nikel Free.

Our Eggplant Parmigiana is free of excessive acidity thanks to these hydroponic tomatoes produced by Sfera .

Small attentions that King Sugo uses in the kitchen to make sure your vacation is as much about taste as health.

We have a now 20-year relationship with our trusted, often zero-mile suppliers: Silvano Mori's cured meats or the Fiorino cheeses are just two examples.

Thanks to King Sugo, in tune with LeVersegge Resort, we like to demonstrate the same care of our clients at the table as well.

The recipes

Buy well, process carefully and calmly, come up with different flavors, have fun in the kitchen, look for new ways in tradition, use innovative techniques, never stop curiosity.

This is King Sugo's first recipe.

We like the kitchen to be an exchange especially when we are on vacation.

That is why Re Sugo has no secrets about what you will eat at our place, we are not jealous of our recipes, and you can learn about them in these videos or by staying at LeVersegge Resort.

We recommend the second alternative.

Our guide

The Tuscan Maremma is made up of many roads.

Roads of Oil, Cheeses, Cold Cured Meats, Meat, Peasant Sweets.

At Le Versegge Resort, the food guide we recommend to our clients is surely too long to be reduced to a few lines.

Food and wine tourism is always in the spotlight, and the Tuscan Maremma has the distinction of offering a great selection of excellence.

One day that you feel like discovering Maremma Pecorino, you can visit Monteverdi Marittimo and find Mucci and Staccioli, a small taste store where you can discover truly extraordinary aged cheeses.

Silvano Mori is a charcuterie maker from Torniella a few kilometers from LeVersegge Resort.

From this small town, like a modern fairy tale, Silvano and his family have even gone so far as to deliver their sausages to the "Crown of England."

Harold's of London, in its exclusive market, displays blackberry salami or truffle salami, true delicacies signed Maremma toscana

Every town has its own tradition, such as Pitigliano with its Sfratto, a Jewish dessert made with Honey and Walnuts.. And then the Crogetti of Monte Amiata, which in many parts of Tuscany are called by different names such as Chiacchiere or Cenci.
If you decide to experience a vacation at LeVersegge Resort you will be guided through the streets of taste.

The wine list

Re Sugo de LeVersegge Resort is located right in the center of the vast wine district of the Tuscan Maremma.

An area that stretches across three territories-Morellino di Scansano, Montecucco, and Monteregio.

Wines with great structure and certainly representative of a long work of growth that has been going on for many years.

Re Sugo's wine list could not therefore but enlist in its cellar, these "greats" of Maremma, going for the most representative labels of the territory.

The world of wine has the advantage of being connected to various reference subjects: the territory with its many variables of climate, altitude, proximity from the sea, soil characteristics, and the gastronomic tradition that inspires its dishes.

Food and Wine are inseparable.

King Sugo's cuisine, inspired by representative dishes such as pasta, sauces and game, needs wines that are full-bodied and yet capable of balancing the bold flavors of an earthy peasant cuisine.

Also in this wine industry, here is the importance of combining taste with the experience of a winery visit.

Re Sugo and LeVersegge Resort are therefore the starting point for getting to know and understand the great world of Maremma wine, among wineries that are also really interesting in terms of environment and winemaking architecture.

The Rocca di Frassinello, a winery designed by RenzoPiano, offers a view of a truly unique barrique cellar, a kind of magical amphitheater.

Thanks to Antinori's skill, here, not far from Castiglione della Pescaia, is Le Mortelle Estate, which combines excellent Cabernet reds and a white of great freshness and fragrance such as Vivia.

Discover our wine labels and imagine with them the added value of your vacation in the Tuscan Maremma.