The services of Le Versegge Resort are so many: to attend an important occasion, a family event, a motorcycle ride with friends. The Tuscan Maremma offers a lot in this regard and will surely be a surprise for you.

So not only dream vacation in a pleasant environment but also many other opportunities that you can build together with us and with your loved ones

Le Versegge Resort is located in the center of everything, sea, hill, mountain, spa. It therefore lends itself to experiencing confidential family events and sharing the important moments in your life. A wedding, an important birthday, a family reunion, a convivial gathering of friends.

In the Tuscan Maremma it is possible to find many activities to experience in groups: not only mototourism, of which we are partners with, but many opportunities to broaden your interests.

Horseback riding, sailing, hot air ballooning, hiking, biking, are just a few examples of activities you can do with us to complete your event. Children also have their own space, for example with outdoor activities in the Maremma Park or in an adventure park to face their first challenges with the help of experienced guides.

Le Versegge Resort then has a knack for good food. Have you thought about a class to learn how to make Maremma tortelli? Our Re Sugo restaurant is an open window to the taste of Maremma.

It's easy to appreciate the flavors of the Tuscan Maremma, and it's pleasant to do so in a relaxed, disengaged environment with your nearest and dearest. Small moments in life that you will love to turn into good memories.

And then wine, which plays a starring role in Maremma. Experience a vacation in the world of wine and discover new wineries by following an established program of visits and wine tasting. It will be a surprise for an important celebration, an anniversary, a unique moment to be experienced at Le Versegge Resort.

The services of Le Versegge: