Here are some of the most beautiful activities to do in the Maremma Nature Park

Every moment we experience nature is important, but if we happen to be in southern Tuscany, what is there to do in the Maremma Nature Park?

Living in a hectic age, it has become an obligation to teach our children that nature exists and always comes first in man's core values. The Maremma Park is a protected area where we can bring our children and activate with them a proper relationship with the environment.

When nature becomes a respectful game

If you are planning a special and unusual vacation, the Maremma can come to your aid. Here everything manifests itself with balance and a loving relationship with nature that, for centuries, has had the upper hand over man. The Maremmani, like ancient peoples in the past, have been able to maintain and develop this unique vital relationship. The first characteristic of the Maremma is its biodiversity, which places it as a winner on many points:

  • It offers many varieties of territories, from the Swamp to the hill country, from the plains to the mountains, from the sea to the spa resorts;
  • The fauna and flora have adapted in a protected system. TheTuscan Archipelago and Mount Amiata contrast climatically, generating an ideal microclimate that favors the best environmental conditions;
  • The presence of man is respectful of nature, and the localities blend seamlessly into small towns, true art towns.

It is clear that an area so well preserved could not give up its leadership role as a reference of a way of being and living. This is the reason that makes a vacation in Maremma a true adventure of other times.

How to prepare for a walk in the Maremma Park

By trails in Tuscany there are so many of them, and whichever route you decide to follow, it is important that you prepare yourself properly for the forest walk.
So here are some practical tips:

  • Prefer clothing suitable for the countryside. If it is hot put on shorts while always wearing hiking or sneakers;
  • A hat is recommended;
  • Bring a backpack with water and perhaps a spare shirt;
  • You can do individual or group walking itineraries. Be careful because, at the time of year with the highest fire risk, there are only guided tours that you can book directly from the website.
  • You will not be able to bring pets because their presence can disturb many species of wildlife, plus some physiological diseases normally found in the park's animal population can be transmitted to pets only;
  • One walks in the park in silence to keep the relationship with the animals unaffected and they should not be frightened. One enters the park as a guest and must not alter anything about the balance that prevails. It is forbidden to feed the animals or interact with them;
  • In summertime, sprinkle the body with insect repellent substances.

The world of Avatar really exists, but without special effects

Be patient and get rid of all city preconceptions. There is no traffic here and all you need is to wait for something to happen as you walk. A flower (that you will not pick) a bird you will never have seen, a herd of Maremma cows, a dynamic deer that will pass you by. These are all unexpected moments to be appreciated as an ancient and primal gift.

All means to experience the Maremma Park

Undoubtedly, on foot, the Park presents itself in all its beauty. It gives you a way to discover this world slowly. But the Maremma Park offers a thousand ways to traverse it:

  • By bicycle using the Park rental service;
  • By canoe going down the Ombrone River;
  • By carriage, to return to a sustainable means of the past;
  • On horseback as long as there is a minimum knowledge of horseback riding. You will be accompanied by experienced equestrian guides;
  • You will also find the possibility of routes created for people with disabilities

After a day in the Park you deserve a moment of relaxation

From the Maremma Nature Park to Le Versegge Residence, the step is short. In terms of time, the journey is very close and well served by the four-lane E80 road, as it is only 34 kilometers from the park entrance.

Here you will have relaxation in relaxation. These are not strenuous walks, but after a visit to nature, it is also nice to return to comfortable surroundings. At Le Versegge Residence the "after park" is worth experiencing at the pool, perhaps with an aperitif. The well-maintained garden of Le Versegge is in fact a small concentration of the plants of the park: pines, holm oaks, cork and olive trees, albatross and myrtle, cistus, rosemary and sage, escalonia and teucrium. In short, you will find all those intense and wonderful scents again.

...After all, we meet at King Sugo's.

Nature and the balance with it, could only end at the restaurant. Almost all the animals you have admired in the Park are protected by strict hunting laws. Nature once repaid with many gifts that man, through his lack of responsibility and altruism, has put into serious crisis. Many endangered species have been saved. We therefore stick to giving you a taste of sustainable cuisine with strong Maremma appeal. Traditional dishes revised with imagination. Among all of them is the wild boar, which, in Maremma, is a true king; as noble is the restaurant at Le Versegge Residence, the famous King Sugo, which offers natural and flavorful cuisine.

We assure you that your trip to the Maremma Park will know how to add more excitement to your vacation. At the table as when we are in the presence of nature, we do not grow old!

What to do in the Maremma Nature Park

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