That's why among the most beautiful trails in Tuscany are those in Maremma

Treating yourself to a walk among the paths in Tuscany surrounded by greenery is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself this spring, and doing it in Maremma could make everything even more magical.
So here are some practical tips that you can use when you walk in nature to discover the most beautiful paths in the Tuscan Maremma.

Maremma scrub is our "prima donna"

Walking is the greatest achievement that every human being makes. In fact, moving is the first thing we learn to do in life. In our increasingly mechanized and fast-paced culture, the cadenced rhythm of walking has perhaps fallen into disuse, and today, more than ever, there is a need for this primal instinct to move the body.

Why return to walking

At Le Versegge Residence, a resort nestled in the most beautiful and purest countryside, we certainly couldn't help but think about bush walking (called Maremma style) or as it is now common parlance, trekking or Nordic walking. So we, too, promote the culture of walking, an activity so important that even the most current medical trends strongly recommend it. Walking (and not running) is good for you because:

  • reactivates cardiac and circulatory functions;
    By not stressing the cardio respiratory system, it enables healthy and proper weight loss that is not aggressive;
  • is a natural physiological regulator and, together with a proper diet, acts on metabolic function with proper breakdown of fat, water and muscle mass values;
  • does not damage the skeleton as opposed to too hard an activity on non-elastic terrain, which could compromise joints, ligaments and muscles;
  • cleanses the mind and relaxes by releasing us from tension and stress;
  • done in company is a way to share a new and fun experience;

Walk yes. But don't take it lightly.

No pun intended! People who are not properly equipped are often spotted in the woods. Walking is good for you but doing it badly can inevitably damage your posture and thus be very bad for your body. Inadequate shoes, city clothing and improvisation are to be avoided at all costs. A good sports store can provide you with everything you need to be a prepared walker and not a "fish out of water." What is needed besides a consonant equipment? Certainly it is important not to forget that walking is still a sport and so it has to be done step by step, without excessive effort and giving importance to some crucial aspects.

  • Shoes: use high, well-clawed footpads if the tour includes steep, rocky trails; low-clawed footpads if the trail will be less strenuous;
  • Avoid tennis or unsuitable Sneakers;
  • If the weather permits dress in "onion" clothing. Technical, lightweight and breathable fabrics are great. A tracksuit or sweatshirt is also fine.
  • You can wear shorts if you want but, importantly, never forget a sock to cover the calf. Unexpected encounters are made in the woods and we need to protect the leg as best we can;
  • Bring a backpack with supplements and water, and a lightweight cape and hooded raincoat should never be missing. A hat is always recommended;
  • A makeshift stick you can retrieve in the woods. Or for those who are into Nordic walking the two sticks that help with arm/leg rhythm;
  • Clock, phone, and a geolocation program are definitely to be kept within reach.
  • Always test your clothing. Don't rely on the first new shoes you buy if you have to set out for 10 to 20 km. Going step by step is essential.

In the woods always with company.

Possibly do not go into it without proper precautions. Getting lost in a trail is not at all difficult and the feeling of being lost is really bad and to be avoided. That is why, at Le Versegge Residence, we prefer to entrust you to experienced guides who will be able to combine your desire for nature, with suitable and safe itineraries. For the more experienced there is the possibility of following our directions, even using maps loaded with all the features of the proposed route. Gigi Petrilli (Vetturini e Viandanti Association) is responsible for itineraries in the area of Sassofortino, while Roberta Margiacchi in the area of Diaccia Botrona (an ancient and fascinating Maremma marsh) or the hills adjacent to the coast, not far from Castiglione della Pescaia.

Eating in the woods.

Never use fire, which can prove to be a destructive element. Eating in the woods is extraordinary and bringing a picnic to eat in front of a breathtaking view is a must try. In this sense, Le Versegge Residence provides you with "survival" backpacks that will be a real surprise to open at lunchtime. Of course, in the woods you get in and don't get dirty. Anything you no longer need you bring back to be disposed of regularly. One respects the animals and does not offer them food or leave food or bread at the bivouac. In the forest we are guests who tiptoe around and with the due respect that beautiful things require.

In the evening everyone in the pool and then-at King Sugo's.

Walking is good. With Le Versegge Residence there are many opportunities during the year to create a group and experience a different weekend. You start in the morning after having a nice breakfast with our Serena's cakes and donuts. You agree on a destination and a distance to get to the bivouac. We eat and, after a well-deserved rest, we return to the Residence.
We walk at a cadence that suits people and perhaps create several groups to give everyone the right pace to follow (10 minutes per kilometer is a strenuous pace - 15 minutes much more leisurely for the more sedentary). In any case we will be with you to find the optimal solution. In the evening a nice table awaits you at Re Sugo's: no worries you can eat without thinking about the scale!
You will have already consumed so many calories that you really deserve to eat our famous Tortelli di Ricotta e Spinaci!

The paths of the Tuscan Maremma

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