Why choose Maremma to organize a day of horseback riding

There are many who do not know how to organize a day of horseback riding in Maremma. The Maremma and the horse are two sides of the same coin. This means that for centuries the horse has been such an important element for this land that, even today, much of tourism revolves around it. It is therefore possible to organize a day of horseback riding in Mare mma safely and professionally on any occasion.

The horse as an opportunity for recreation and excitement

Imagine a charming Residence in Maremma, with a very personal, family-owned and renowned restaurant. After a day on horseback, you will find yourself talking with your friends about your adventure. In this article discover how to experience a horseback riding vacation full of surprises...

Cowboys or cowboys? A bit of history

Until the last century, the Maremma was famous for its large farms which, in size, closely resembled those in theAmerican West. On these estates people were already working with the first mechanical means but technology did not yet have dominance and the horse was a very important part of running the farm. The working mount was used to control the herds and to do this, even in Maremma, we had our cowboys who, even today, are called butteri .

These "Lords of the Maremma" were special because of how many hours they could ride from dawn to dusk, using a comfortable saddle (called a Bardella) and holding a long stick (the Mazzarella) in one hand, which was used to control the herds or for a thousand other uses. Today real butteri are almost gone. In the area of Alberese, in the Maremma Park, there are still active ones, but many groups of young butteri have specialized in keeping the typical working technique alive, offering very particular shows where one witnesses what were the routine operations, such as the Merca (the branding of cattle) or the Unhulling of a calf from a herd in the shortest possible time. Thebuttero's clothing was also distinctive with its wide moleskin pants, typical corduroy jacket (called Ladra) and the Pastrano, a kind of large waxed cape that, along with a large brimmed hat, sheltered from the rain.

The horse in the DNA of the Maremma

Even today, one cannot imagine Maremma without the horse. This reason places Maremma rightfully among the Italian regions with the highest concentration of riding centers. Today it is preferred, in common usage, to ride English-style and with more up-to-date techniques. Tourism, which is rapidly rising in Maremma, could not fail to integrate the horse as a natural element of this territory , and it is absolutely necessary to try a day's riding to enjoy every benefit this activity entails. To do so, however, one must rely on very careful and capable people and above all have respect by following some important rules:

  • Anyone can learn the rudiments of horseback riding-a few hours are enough to understand the technique, and yet a lifetime is not enough to understand the psychology of this wonderful four-legged friend;
  • Knowing how to wait for good control and technique is crucial. The teaching of the master applies here. Riding a horse is not like riding a bicycle because you are sharing the same experience with another being and, together with him, you have to live this experience to the fullest;
  • Relying on specialized personnel is essential, especially if there are children in the group;
  • To live this kind of experience with a constructive spirit and with the certainty that the horse is the best catalyst for being, without fear, in contact with nature.

How do you plan a day of horseback riding? The steps to follow

Here's what you need to know if you're planning a day of horseback riding.

First of all, a basis for riding a horse is required. It is not possible to go "into the bush" without having a minimum of useful rudiments. This applies to adults and children with the certainty that children have a greater predisposition to learn without pre-conceptions. So for those who have never ridden a horse it is preferable to make initial contact at the "bush" obviously supported by professional staff.

We at Le Versegge Residence collaborate with Isabel Wald who, thanks to her riding center not far from the resort, has great technical skills to guide you on a comprehensive learning path and accompany you on dream itineraries.

What does it take to ride a horse?

  • Consistent clothing is recommended. It is best to have boots and pants but one can also use sneakers (better high and without laces) and blue jeans. A helmet is given and riding gloves are recommended;
  • Take as much time as you need to be together and experience this together with Isabel. Never go it alone and never take individual initiatives. Horseback riding is a team game.
  • Have respect for nature and enter the forest with passion and love;
  • Conscientiously plan the duration of a walk.

The duration of a walk, in fact, can vary. For the more experienced, longer tours can be arranged with a packed lunch. Remember that horseback riding is a sport and as such engages your whole body physically. Not overdoing it is essential, especially in the beginning.

In the evening, when you return to the Residence, you will have the opportunity to retrace your horseback ride with your thoughts, perhaps using our sauna or resting on the grass in our garden by the pool. From the Re Sugo restaurant, the aromas of an all-Maremma dinner will bring the day to a unique close. As novice "Butteri" of the Le Versegge Residence!

How to organize a day of horseback riding in Maremma

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