King Sugo is a name that many people are familiar with. 

A romantic restaurant in Grosseto. Re Sugo de LeVersegge Resort has been for nearly two decades a truly special place that suits those seeking that something extra. Elegant but never over the top, measured and airy, quiet and intimate. In a word, romantic.

It was founded in 2005 as a restaurant serving the nearby LeVersegge Resort, a small happy island that has had the distinction of reinventing the charming agritourism in the Tuscan Maremma

A romantic restaurant in Grosseto as an alternative to the more chaotic establishments on the coast (Castiglione della Pescaia is only 24 kilometers away) or the more or less rustic restaurants we are used to seeing with hurried service and prices not affordable for many.

Created to be "a window to the taste of Maremma."

Montepescali is lit at the top of the hill, the air is pleasant even standing outside, and the sunset speaks for itself.
Re Sugo is exactly what you expect: a romantic restaurant in Grosseto that you absolutely must know. Someone called it for this. "a window to the taste of the Maremma.".

Honest cooking and workmanship as it once was. 

The cuisine of Re Sugo plays a well-defined philosophy that expresses these three rules:
Buying well - that is, never settling for cheap products, avoiding the offerings of large retailers and favoring small producers;
♦ Transforming with passion - to give our dishes their own logic that is also dictated by the seasons. Eating is imagination and creativity above all;
♦ Putting tradition in the pot - to emphasize the history that has preceded us is a way to make a cuisine of substance but at the same time innovative.

Tortello with wild boar ragout, a true icon of the Re Sugo Restaurant at LeVersegge Resort.

Any time is a good time to say yes to King Sugo.

A romantic restaurant in Grosseto that is not meant to surprise. We don't like fireworks in the kitchen, oddities at any cost, advanced techniques that make cooking a scripted TV show. 

In proposing the idea of a romantic restaurant in Grosseto, we start precisely from the type of cuisine: typical, with a pleasant reinterpretation of recipes, with homemade workmanship, with imagination and creativity and rediscovering ancient techniques (such as low temperature) to enhance our dishes.

A pork loin cooked in a vacuum at 63° avoids the thermal stress of cutting, and in this way, flavor and tenderness are preserved. Here comes the birth of a very special dish like Cold Arista with Tuna, a King Sugo classic that we pair with a small zucchini flan. 

Maremma tortello.

There must always be on the menu in the two best-known variations: with meat sauce and with butter and sage. Stuffed with ricotta and spinach, the shadow of very little nutmeg, Parmesan and eggs.

Homemade pasta starts from a base of artisan flour that offers great gluten mesh and which, translated into practical terms, expresses great elasticity to the dough. 

Meat of the highest quality. Re Sugo uses a breed that is also raised in the Maremma but whose origin dates back to the great French livestock tradition: hence Limousine cuts that guarantee absolute tenderness to the tenderloin and great flavor balance to the sirloin. To order, Re Sugo also offers an unparalleled fiorentina steak. 

Fillet steak with blue cheese, Tagliata al Morellino, Pork tenderloin with herbs, roast free-range chicken, rabbit, guinea fowl, wild boar, duck. It depends on what we find in the market, such as, for example, chestnut-fed pork chops that we offer stewed in beer and ginger.

How does the cuisine of Re Sugo come about?

Much comes from the passion of the owner of Re Sugo, Tommaso Guicciardini, who has always followed the path of personal research of dishes. If you like something, it's because you don't cook it at home, and it's nice to discover new flavors, new combinations. 

A young restaurant.

Re Sugo is a romantic restaurant in Grosseto and has all the credentials to make you fall in love with its typical cuisine. But it is also a suitable restaurant for celebrating special events such as birthdays or graduation parties. 

It is well suited for this role because of its very special location in the countryside, having no parking problems and benefiting from really pleasant nature. Absolute freedom to celebrate an important occasion.

Romantic weddings?

For such an important moment. King Sugo and LeVersegge Resort are ideal for a young but eager couple to celebrate their wedding in elegance. 

Our wedding is appreciated for the quality of the cuisine and for making every moment of the event truly romantic. LeVersegge Resort is one of the very few "Municipal Houses" in Grosseto and allows the civil act to be held in the setting of a beautiful garden.

What is more romantic than a Picnic.

A romantic restaurant in Grosseto must also offer special and nice formulas. At Re Sugo's, usually on Sunday lunchtime, we initiate a very fun event: a picnic on the lawn. There are not many restaurants in Grosseto that can offer a large green lawn and big mulberry trees under which to eat a real picnic. You don' t have to worry about anything from the plaid to the country-style menu. 

King Sugo is in!

Out of about 1,700 restaurants in the Province of Grosseto, LeVersegge Resort ranks well in the top.

Re Sugo has drawn on his years of experience to cash in on many endorsements, and not only from his most loyal clientele.

From the Veronelli Guide to the more popular and digitized Tripadvisor, King Sugo's gastronomic vision is flanked by excellent criticism.

We are therefore waiting for you at Re Sugo. Your romantic evening starts with a first gesture: book now at +39 334 7759095.