The experiences to be lived: 

     the Tuscan Maremma on Horseback

The horse has been an ally of the Tuscan Maremma for centuries. Thanks to the "working mount" a long series of daily agricultural functions were performed in the saddle (which is actually called Bardella). In short, the Maremmani lived the farm on horseback. The CowBoys of the Tuscan Maremma are called Butteri. The Butteri still exist and, on only a very few farms, are still operational in leading the Maremma cow herds or in estate control activities. There are, however, many "schools" that keep the technique of working herding alive. In many cases, for example for the Butteri Group of the Upper Maremma, interesting shows are also offered that showcase the mastery of the Butteri. A very nice experience for children.

But the Tuscan Maremma horse is also a breed and, of course, also a sport and an attraction. The Maremma horse seems shaped by this rich and wild land: stubborn and mighty, it has character and reliability but needs a guide who knows it. Brought up to the pace, he stops at nothing, and because of this, he is well suited to walks in the "bush." At LeVersegge Resort we will be able to put you in touch with many riding schools where you can become familiar with the horse, appreciate its character and learn the first rudiments of riding and, why not, even take your first steps in the woods or on the beach together with your friends and experienced guides.