What does it mean to get married in Maremma?

Here are 5 great reasons to get married in Maremma in summer. Italy gives us wonderful landscapes: often in a single region we find sea, hills and mountains. Not to mention the colors, scents and atmosphere that surround, with an aura of magic, many of our areas. And with a wedding planned what better idea than to getting married in Maremma?

What does it mean to take charming vacations?

What does it mean to take charming vacations?

5 reasons to get married in Maremma, even in summer!

The fateful day is approaching and a number of attentions consume your online research: choosing the right location, the most suitable month, the type of reception facility, calculating travel arrangements...these are some of the concerns that inevitably arise at the threshold of your planning. Indeed, it is not easy to figure out where to get married in Maremma, how, when and why. To make your dream come true, we have some advice that can help you.

So here are 5 reasons why you should not miss the chance to get married in Maremma in summer:

  1. A hop to the sea! In the province of Grosseto, the beaches of the Maremma leave you breathless: the blue-green color of the crystal-clear water seem to exist to melt your thoughts and gladden your eyes; the long stretches of clear sand could be welcome occasions for romantic walks even under the stars; finally, the scent of the trees not far away accompanying your moments. Thus summer and sea are synonymous. Can you then imagine the excitement of taking a few sunset shots after the ceremony
  2. A "Municipal House" within reach! The Grosseto Administration has initiated a really smart project, namely, that of making the Municipal House extended to the territory. This means that the best tourist activities have the "power" as well as the title to civilly celebrate the function. So if you choose to get married in Maremma at a licensed hotel facility, you can take advantage of a number of benefits, including:
  • the performance of the act takes place entirely and directly on site, without returning to the municipality;
  • all the institutional elements necessary for the ceremony will be housed: the Delegate Officer, the Italian Flag, the European Flag, the municipal labarum, registers and certificates.
    3. Resort surrounded by greenery! The Maremma countryside welcomes resorts and farmhouses in unique and peaceful landscapes. So it happens that some hotel facilities find themselves surrounded by silence. So, the protagonists on the most beautiful day ever would be only you, the bride and groom, for miles and miles... Celebrating your reception this way, in large spaces where you can manage the various moments of the function and then relax the next day in the silence of the surrounding greenery or perhaps by the pool, could be a good reason to choose to get married in Maremma!
    4. Suites and apartments for everyone! In fact, if you want a wedding with just a few guests, perhaps to be hosted in the same facility as the function-and thus avoid the usual hustle and bustle between City Hall/photo opportunity/reception-then Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant is just the thing for you! Bright, well-appointed rooms and apartments nestled in the quiet of nature, with staff always available to meet guests' needs.
    5. Eat at King Sugo's! Le Versegge Residence also includes an exceptional restaurant: the Re Sugo Restaurant, wanted by Tommaso Guicciardini. The flavor of Tuscan cuisine meets with gourmet experimentations of a certain level, and for this reason defined by many as "a window on the Maremma of taste." Eating well and making a good impression with your guests are among the reasons that will make your wedding memorable.

Why choose Le Versegge today!

So here is why to choose a "Green" hotel, that is, aimed at environmental protection and savings in the production of consumption: Le Versegge is located a few minutes from the sea, totally immersed in the green surrounding countryside, is a Municipal House, with rooms suitable for even the youngest guests, and above all with an excellent restaurant!

5 good reasons to get married in Maremma in summer

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