More and more weddings are being held in the Tuscan Maremma. That's why to escape the city and take refuge in a land unique for its bursting nature.

Today, more than ever, the Tuscan Maremma, plays a decisive role in the choice of trendy weddings; more than any other Italian territory, it has been able to select an ecologically conscious clientele.

At LeVersegge Resort you find a more responsible and mature style that does not seek easy emotions dictated by fashion but a full and sincere relationship with the environment.

For this reason, choosing a wedding in this part of Tuscany can make a difference and be different from any other solution.

We can help you in building a compelling program. Le Versegge Resort is characterized by its youthful philosophy and a level of family hospitality that is truly attentive to your needs.

Here, then, its colors, healthy air and good food will be unique values for your wedding in the Tuscan Maremma.

Together with us you can count on the expertise of our Wedding Planner so that every problem related to the organization will be solved in no time.

This means that you will arrive as guests but leave as friends of this magical place.

To realize a wedding in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma means belonging to its history and tradition.

We believe in luxury: not the glittering, ephemeral kind that lasts little less than a moment. The wedding at LeVersegge Resort will be made of simplicity and intense fragrances, of moments in which to create, with our help, the indelible memory of your most beautiful day.

Wedding Organization

For a successful Wedding it is important to rely on the best organization.
That is why LeVersegge Resort is able to offer a professional Wedding Planner who can follow the bride and groom in a personalized way. This allows us not only the proper "directing" of your wedding, but also the best translation of your ideas.

How to plan a wedding without problems and, most importantly, without unwarranted fears?

Relying on those who can guarantee proper service and are very familiar with the technique and timing of an event of this magnitude. Every wedding must translate the needs and ideas of the bride and groom. Otherwise, this important day will lack a style shared with the guests. However, following and implementing an accurate program often requires dedication and time, among a thousand problems that do not always gratify the bride and groom.

The flowers, the decorations, booking hair and makeup, managing the restaurant set-up, managing service providers, the photographer, table arrangements, gazebos. In short, a whirlwind of tediousness that, without the help of a Wedding Planner, risks engaging the bride and groom unnecessarily. Relying on LeVersegge Resort, means forgetting improvisation and thus ensuring participation in a stress-free celebration.

LeVersegge Resort in the Tuscan Maremma is a "communal house" with exclusive charm
The municipal house
  • But what is a communal house?
    LeVersegge Resort is among the few facilities, appointed by the City of Grosseto, in which it is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony of Marriage.
    This means that the public act is taken in the context of a pleasant facility, perhaps on the lawn or under a beautiful Platano tree, and not in an anonymous council room.
    We are the ones who think of all the paperwork to accomplish this very intimate and personalized formula. In this way, you will not have to worry about anything because LeVersegge Resort will also know how to set up, according to your specifications, the area where relatives and friends will attend your wedding.
  • What is the cost of a civil ceremony in a Municipal House like LeVersegge Resort?
    For 2023, the cost of the practice related to the civil ceremony detached from the municipal office is about € 520.00.
    Choosing a civil wedding in the poignant scenery of the Tuscan Maremma is certainly one more reason to give free rein to ideas: from decorations to the arrangement of chairs, from the table for signatures to the details of who the couple will marry.
    This is no small detail: you can realize a dream in the midst of the most intimate privacy that LeVersegge Resort can offer compared to other facilities.