Tips for those who want to enjoy perfect "smart vacations"

Speaking of smart vacations: tips for leaving prepared and serene. Here are a few tricks to follow to have a dream vacation as well as... smart!

1. Find the white fly

Behind every vacation there is always an organization that allows you to enjoy serene days of well-deserved rest. But what if this is not enough? The first thing to do is to follow some logic to make sure your vacation is really perfect. For example:

  • Seeks exclusive places that are not beaten by elite tourism but offer great appeal, beauty of the area and care for service;
  • Always move to the last minute by searching for last minute deals;
  • Buy revolving and staggered weekend periods in midterm seasons;

Finding the white fly, the charming property placed in the right context, is possible and you just need to have the care to search for it on the Internet by following a few rules. For example:

  • If you want an exclusive weekend on the Emerald Coast, in the trendy hotel with an entrance ticket including Cristal 2002 Champagne at the table of a famous socialite, chances are you won't find anything that will satisfy you. Rather, go in search of "virgin" territory not beaten by VIPs, preferring instead a vacation in the Maremma, where you can enjoy a beautiful sea and stay in the charming Tuscan countryside. Not in a farmhouse but in an organized charming resort with a swimming pool, day spa and delicious restaurant.

2. Aim for "last minute"

Moving around by playing on the now well-known last minute formulas is definitely beneficial to the wallet. You pay everything on the spot, with no cancellation rules or penalties, you save as much as 20 percent and you have breakfast and light dinner included in the price. Be careful because in some cases there is the possibility of receiving additional offers such as cooking classes or guided tours.


3. The "revolving" formula

Discovering a land and falling in love with it is an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of "revolving," a new way to learn more about an area, obviously not in the most popular seasons.

  • You book five days in June, and because the Maremma is such a vast land, you will surely want to return there in September for a short weekend, perhaps with a couple of friends. It's called revolving reservation the one you stop without cancellation rules on both periods but pay on arrival with discounts of up to 40 percent. Price bands multiply the later periods and play into very affordable prices. Kind of like saying take three during the year but pay for two vacations.

Maremma is the new revelation of Italian tourism

Few people know it and many who find it never let go. Maremma is the synthesis of many concepts that unite the New Age of nature tourism. It is a natural area of extreme beauty and preservation, with absolutely diverse territories inside, rich in history and tradition. This is because Maremma is a land that is preserved intact and not sold to the highest bidder. It falls within the logic of a very particular past and dictated by natural adversities that made it an invisible and protected land, exclusive and unique. It sounds strange but the most extreme luxury is to be unique to oneself and experience a vacation in full autonomy, without choosing marketing messages or passing fads. Maremma is this quintessence and also offers great advantages at certain times.

Why the Maremma is the last frontier of the smart vacation

In Maremma you find an all-around vacation. And it is not a turn of phrase if it is true that the orography of the area is rich in biodiversity. Also:

  • the sea is extremely clean and protected by extremely strict laws that have allowed it to be ranked among the most beautiful in Italy by Legambiente;
  • the countryside is gentle, dreamy, romantic and rich in Mediterranean flora that is still intact thanks to well-maintained and protected forests;
  • the Maremma Park at the mouth of the Ombrone River is a protected oasis rich in animals and birds of all species. Beautiful bird watching and nature discovery with trained guides;
  • there is also the mountain: the Amiata a resource for climate as well; with its 1,800 meters in height it has the ability to maintain, meteorologically speaking, a measured and constant climate;
  • there are hot springs with waters of a thousand properties;
  • is full of culture, art cities, good food and fine wine-making art;

Smart vacations in Maremma: the offers of La Residenza Le Versegge

If you want, at Le Versegge Residence, you can find the right compromise between quality of stay and convenience. Here are some offers:

  • Stay for couple with rates starting from € 199.00 for two nights with free breakfast, use of the Residence's sauna and swimming pool
  • Family stay with rates from €356.00 for two adults and two children with free breakfast, use of swimming pool, sauna and playroom
  • Weekly stay for couple with rates starting from € 680.00 with free breakfast and the use of all our services
  • Weekly family stay with rate starting from € 1232.00 with free breakfast and the use of all our services

Follow these few tips for a smart vacation and you will find many resources. You may not necessarily find a place at Le Versegge Residence, which, with its small and secluded Re Sugo restaurant, is a place repeatedly mentioned for the quality and care of the stay. Elisa Boccardi, reception manager of this small Resort de Charme, explains that the company's policy leads Le Versegge to welcome everyone: "We like," says Ilaria, "to teach that Maremma is like a cure for the soul, here you live in tune with nature, with good food and with the limits of a protected territory"-and in times where stress and hectic life grips us, it's a true philosophy of life. Even on vacation.

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