Vacations in Maremma with electric.

Vacations in Maremma with electric to discover a truly unique territory? There is a lot of talk about respecting nature and we are finally changing our travel habits. Mobility is an increasingly central topic in political and social issues, and it now meets the concrete will to pursue a new Green course.

The automobile marks our every choice: whether in work or leisure needs. But how does an electric car fit into everyday life? For example: does going on vacation driving an electric car really impose so much care in planning a safe and surprise-free trip? 

Obviously, the answer is no. However, it is important to plan the trip and find charging stations along the way that allow us to arrive without delay. Today, an electric car recharges in very little time, and perhaps a stop for lunch can be a good interlude to fill up and spend an hour relaxing. 

It is well established that drivers on electric vehicles show a marked predilection for caring for the environment. But their choice of sustainability also does not hide an undoubted ability to look forward to progress. 

This is why they chose such a modern car by proclaiming their dissent to the old endothermic power system.

Those who drive electric know they have made the best choice and will never go back. To drive the future they are also willing to make some compromises.

And here it is time to arrive at the hotel. Here, too, our "electro motorist" will know how to choose the ideal solution, the most practical one where he can put his car on charge.

Did you know that there are resorts or hotels that offer free charging to their customers?

Just do a thorough search on the Internet to geolocate the most virtuous facilities in this regard. 

Le Versegge Resort is a charming farmhouse in the Tuscan Maremma with a pleasant restaurant. Here nature comes first and respect for the environment is assured. 

You will then be greeted in white gloves and find a charging station for your electric. But how much does such a thorough service cost?

At Le Versegge Resort every electric car is welcome and a full tank of energy is offered to each guest in the price of the suite or apartment. This, too, is a way of supporting the environment and keeping this fascinating part of Tuscany in absolute natural respect.

But is the network of charging stations sufficiently equipped? Here are some tips worth following.

For those with an electric car, it is best to avoid crowded towns where the coveted wall box is preyed upon by everyone. Better to find a hotel in the countryside, perhaps not far from the sea and able to offer an assured charging service inside. No stressful waiting while sitting next to the first useful wall box. 

Come and discover Le Versegge Resort and the wild charm of the Tuscan Maremma.

Take Holidays in the Maremma with Electric. Your car will thank you.

Vacation in Maremma with electric
At Le Versegge Resort, charging the electric car is free and fast thanks to an impressive 11kW of power. Le Versegge Resort is located in the Tuscan Maremma, a particularly environmentally protected area.

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