A surprise vacation all to yourself? Le Versegge Resort is ideal

Romantic vacation in Maremma? Instructions for use!

Itis often necessary to take action. Every partner, sooner or later, has to make up for something, so you need to act promptly and imaginatively to give your sweetheart a precious moment: for example, organizing a surprise weekend in the verdant Maremma, perhaps staying in a charming farmhouse where luxury is determined by the elegance of simplicity.

Why Maremma. First of all. because it is women who appreciate vacations in a relaxed and refined environment, where nature is at its best and everything seems calibrated by timeless values. A true oasis of relaxation and peace but not far from interesting destinations such as the sea or cities of art. Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala are two destinations that allow, to the beauty of the most beautiful sea in Italy, to go shopping or enjoy the exclusivity of a beautiful port.

Romantic vacation in Maremma? Instructions for use!

  • Maximum secrecy and verify that your woman is not busy for that weekend. In this case friends and children can lend a sure hand.
  • Booking an accommodation all-inclusive, that is, in the full relaxation of doing nothing.
  • Aim for a series of scheduled visits or courses that are primarily focused on your partner's liking and nature.
  • Include in your vacation a romantic dinner. Re Sugo, the restaurant at Le Versegge Resort, offers great ideas in this regard, guaranteeing refined and traditional cuisine, with the highest quality products and offering lots of imagination . As far as intimacy is concerned , just go and read the reviews on Trip Advisor to understand that you will definitely hit the jackpot
  • Research with our help bargains so that you do not return home empty-handed. The Maremma is full of artisans and charming little stores where you can get lost and return with a memory that will remain indelible forever.

Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant proposes a series of themed offers involving the sea, eno-gastronomic trips, visits to museums or art cities, and, for the more dynamic couples, even sports itineraries on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback. A small introductory golf course can be another idea to put on the surprise plate. But if all this is too "strenuous" then here is the "dolce far niente" proposal: for example, a relaxing day at the beach, perhaps in a charming establishment such as the Bella Vita sailing school where, under umbrellas of woven purpose, it feels like being on a tropical island.

Let's start with some interesting aspects:  

  • Le Versegge can count on very comfortable and cozy suites, with all the amenities. You can use a kitchenette because you want to make yourself a good tea, or count on every comfort. Some suites have a romantic fireplace and the furnishings expertly mix vintage ethnic furniture.
  • Le Versegge is also about waking up the right way with a breakfast with local products, homemade cakes, doughnuts, delicious fruit and cold meats and cheeses from the area. In the morning you will find the smile and availability of our cook Serena to welcome your awakening under a truly enchanting gazebo, surrounded by the scents of the garden.
  • The beautiful garden and pool. Mortella, Rosemary, Teucrium, are some typical essences that intoxicate the resort's verdant lawn. The pool, encircled by handmade terracotta, is as romantic as you can get for your lady.
  • As stated, King Sugo: the restaurant of Le Versegge Resort which is also nicknamed the Window on the Maremma. The only spite you will do to your wife is to have to hold back. The dishes are part of the Maremma tradition, with homemade pasta and choice meats, organic and hydroponic vegetables and an appreciable wine cellar. Your wife will just have to live in harmony this vacation in taste....

Why not come home with some recipes? Will you come to the restaurant and did you like our ricotta and spinach tortelli? Then you can take a cooking class for two and go home with the recipe in your pocket .. We also recommend the wild boar with apples, or our cured meats produced by the Mori Family of Torniella, which must be a must-visit destination to get to know this pearl of Maremma charcuterie. A pearl so famous that, even the warehouses Harold's in London, markets Silvano Mori's famous truffle salami..

But at Le Versegge you can take many courses .. In leather goods, basketry (to make panniers or wicker baskets), sailing courses and so on...

In any case, know that a surprise given to a woman is a gift that remains in time like a diamond. That is why if you are engaged and you really want to surprise her , here at Le Versegge Resort you can propose to her and even get married on the lawn .. Planning a wedding in Maremma, with the advice of our wedding planner Ilaria, will be a memory as indelible as it is sweet. It will be something much appreciated but that you will know how to organize with our help in an egregious way.

We are ready to hold the part and welcome you to Maremma.

To amaze you like never before!

Romantic vacation in Maremma? Instructions for use!

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