How to enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle trip to Maremma

For those with motorcycles in their hearts, it is essential to know that Tuscany by motorcycle with a pitstop at Le Versegge Resort is possible. Those who love motorcycles know this: the sense of freedom that a motorcycle trip is unique and makes the trip more special than ever before.

If you have decided to tour the Maremma by motorcycle this year, you have made the right choice because the Maremma is a land that will allow you to enjoy all this freedom.

One piece of advice we can give you, however, is not to leave unprepared: you may miss out on some very unique goodies. On your trip to Maremma by motorcycle, for example, don't forget to make a pit stop at Le Versegge won't regret it!

The Maremma and the motorcycle: a practically perfect union

Tommaso Guicciardini, Founder of Le Versegge Residence, is a longtime motorcyclist. In the past he raced in the Italian regularity championship and today has a visceral passion for Classic racing motorcycles, possibly Ducati. His other great passion is mototourism. This passion he has cultivated from an early age, having, at the age of sixteen, toured half of Europe riding a Ciao Piaggio. Motorcycle travel is something unique and unrepeatable in the States as in Northern Europe, Turkey, Greece, Morocco ... Nothing, however, is as beautiful as Tuscany and, specifically, the Maremma. Why this?

    • Maremma offers an incredibly beautiful environment and nature;
    • the orography of the terrain changes within a few kilometers, making the emotional aspect of driving ever new and compelling curve after curve;
    • the roads boast excellent asphalts. Which is very important for traveling safely and ensuring better performance;
    • in Maremma we eat well and therefore the combination of motorcycle and food is always very welcome by our two-wheeled guests

What a "signature" motorcycle vacation looks like at Le Versegge Residence

So if on your motorcycle tour of the Maremma you decide to stop at Le Versegge Residence, you can count on us. We provide a keen eye for creating itineraries and giving motorcyclists the opportunity to upload them to their navigator. Those who want a 100 percent individual adventure can ask for advice openly and still ride blind. Nothing has to happen but if it does we have a car with a trolley ready to pick up a broken-down vehicle. Those who are more uncertain can have a guide opener to play it safe and find, on the same day the ideal route and the most hidden and beautiful places.

What to see in Maremma and where to drive to?

    • Amiata, offers mid-hill roads and a "hairpin" mountain with shady beech forests and go-go curves, even natural spas, enchanting villages;
    • The metal hills: roads like tracks and very distinctive landscapes in a continuous up and down;
    • Toward Siena, the sweetness of a lovely countryside and views of cathedrals like San Galgano. Guided tours of fine charcuterie factories (Silvano Mori) and many other surprises while wandering around museums;
    • The wine lands. The Scansanese is a fast, scenic road with distinctive technical curves. You arrive in Scansano, town of Morellino, and here it pays to have a snack at Simone's. For "New Age" bikers you can schedule a watershatsu spa treatment that is really a must;
    • Coast and sea: with all the pleasure that Argentario offers. Fairy-tale villages by the sea and a stop, necessarily on foot, in the Maremma Park

Do we have a motorcycle? We'll give it to you through the Bmw dealer in Grosseto, ...

Are you coming from very far away? Do you don't feel like syringing a lot of miles on a motorcycle on the highway? Do you feel like the motorcycle but do not give up the comfort of your car in the evening? Soon done you will find your motorcycle at Le Versegge Residence. Extremely favorable rental costs and new, efficient Bmw motorcycles. Of course, all motorcycles are given in management with Kasko insurance.

A typical day during a motorcycle tour in Maremma

  1. In the morning, a nice nutritious breakfast, a bike check and then the appropriate attire.
  2. Having taken stock of the daily itinerary, we set off on an initial 100/120-kilometer route, just enough time to stop at a winery for a wine tasting (which you will have to learn not to pull down because you don't drink on a motorcycle).
  3. Stop for a quick lunch and then another 80 to 100 kilometers to return to base, stopping first at a stream to bathe, or to eat a good snack of bread and cold cuts.
  4. Upon arrival we celebrate with aperitifs at the pool, a sauna, a swim in the pool and a gintonic are customary.
  5. In the evening all at Re Sugo's, the residence restaurant, for a Maremma dinner to put in the drawer of good memories. Raise your glasses and toast to the bike! This time the wine goes down a treat.
  6. A comfortable apartment awaits you for the night and, tomorrow, here is another wonderful adventure.

Some advice for those going on the road...

These are all things that many of you already know but allow your motorcycle vacation to be fully enjoyed.

  • Better in a group than alone. Motorcycle safety first;
  • Plan itineraries that also include shopping or stops suitable for our ladies. Everyone likes motorcycles, but they also like to stretch their legs once in a while!
  • Avoid racing "little trains" that on the road, besides being dangerous, are no fun. Those who want to make the champion break better recommend a detour to Mugello!
  • Sharing experiences and sensations always in a youthful spirit. The motorcycle has this effect of goliardic adventure and the great thing is that it does not impose age!
Maremma by motorcycle with a pitstop at Le Versegge Resort

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