The Tuscan Maremma is a vocated land that privileges the closest relationship with sports. For a natural gift, unique in the Italian panorama, the Tuscan Maremma encompasses within it countless other different territories in which to find ways to express one's nature: from skiing on Mount Amiata, to Sailing in the beautiful Tuscan Archipelago. The sports gathering is definitely a way to experience the Tuscan Maremma with enthusiasm and passion.
The list of events is very long: from the Maremmana, a non-competitive cycling commemoration, to regattas such as the 151 Miglia, which gathers "great calibers" of national Sailing. Often the Tuscan Maremma, because of its heterogeneous orography, offers great help to rallies where the weather is crucial.

Think for example of aeronautics and the world around this kind of activity that unites so many enthusiasts. The Argentario is the most beautiful pearl to be seen from the sky, a true natural spectacle that is visible to all thanks to a parachuting school. It is also true that Grosseto has a historical aviation tradition thanks to the 4th Fighter Wing, a Eurofighter garrison, around which experiences related to the world of the air are alive. 

In a land as unique as the Tuscan Maremma, there is no shortage of close relationships with horses. Horseback riding is a reason for great opportunities and experiences for everyone, even for those who do not know the sensations of this ancient and fascinating sport. The Tuscan Maremma is historically connected to quadrupeds for agricultural reasons: the Butteri were and still are, the true Italian Cowboys and the legacy they left behind is well distinguished in many centers where it is possible to experience horseback riding in the nature of the Tuscan Maremma. A sport suitable for the whole family.

From sports to popular culture to talk about aggregation and folkloric experience: the Maremma May is a colorful opportunity to experience a very special tradition. At the harvest of grain it was customary to organize parties among the peasants and express with songs and stornelli improvised between poets all the happiness and warmth of the summer season. It is unique to witness the many reenactments that on May 1 are organized outdoors often combining singing with improvised festivals on the lawn. A true spectacle that LeVersegge Resort will help you experience as a protagonist. But let's see individually how many sports, cultural, and gastronomic occasions you can experience at LeVersegge Resort.