Why spend a few days relaxing at a resort in the Tuscan Maremma.

Resort in Maremma: why lose yourself in the pleasure of nature and gain in health, balance and joie de vivre. The ancients have always found great benefit in contact with nature. Indeed, the environment around us is undoubtedly a regulator of our inner processes, and for the past few years the trend in vacations has also been increasingly oriented toward sustainability.


Anna and Marco: from Rome to Tuscany. Story of a different weekend...

Our journey starts in the chaotic center of Rome. It is an ordinary Friday morning and Anna and Marco are loading the car with two small suitcases. They have decided to spend a weekend in Tuscany.. In Maremma to be exact. Capalbio? The Argentario? No, this time they left the mundane at home and decided to go a little higher up. In the upper Maremma. They say it's great how from a certain point on, between Lazio and Tuscany, the environment immediately changes. Here we slowly leave behind the "mess" of a certain squatting and, driving along the E80, approach Grosseto. The rolling hills of Magliano in Tuscany, the sea of the Archipelago and the still green access wheat fields that fade away as far as the eye can see. Past Grosseto we exit at Braccagni. From the old Aurelia take towards Siena and after four kilometers here we are in the midst of beautiful countryside, made up of Mediterranean scrub, well-kept fields, scents. On the left, an avenue lined with pine trees leads them toward Le Versegge Residence. From the chaos of Rome to the paradise of this part of the Maremma. Mission accomplished in just one hour and fifty minutes....

Forget "Wall Street." You have arrived home

Le Versegge Residence is owned by the Florentine Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family. It was a small hamlet set in a large agricultural estate, a farm but also a small country school. Since the late 19th century a small train has passed through it on its way to Siena, and for years it was a water supply station for the steam locomotive. It is a very green place and so everything suggests that there is plenty of water. The garden that welcomes us is full of local essences: myrtle, teucrium, cistus, escallonium, sage and rosemary. Scents in abundance, colors, tall pines and a verdant lawn. This place slows the heart rate and brings us back to a human dimension where we discover that we can (must) stop the "engine" every now and then.

Residence in Maremma: the silence of a small house

What is so special about simplicity? In our residence in Maremma you find a charm that sums up tradition and practicality. Small luxuries not to be underestimated such as:

  • Eight well-furnished and comfortable accommodations. From a minimum of two beds with a sofa bed to a maximum of five beds;
  • the large garden, swimming pool, a small spa with a small sauna and steam bath;
  • a cafeteria where in the morning discover all the quality of a homemade breakfast, with natural cakes and doughnuts and local products;
  • the Re Sugo Restaurant, a delightful country restaurant where you can eat handmade pasta and Maremma dishes revised with imagination and creativity.

Welcoming Anna and Marco is Ilaria Krismer who explains to them the difference between this resort and a normal agritourism. Le Versegge Residence is not a hotel, not vacation apartments, and not even a rural facility. It suits a vacation where everyone chooses the care they need. The classic "Do It Yourself," using each apartment's kitchen, or the pampering of an open-air breakfast or a candlelight dinner. It is the client who decides without imposed rules the ability to have what they want, when they need it. Ideal for a couple or a family...

Dining with King Sugo

The restaurant has a painting of King Sugo by painter Patrizia Nalesso: he is a mustachioed country gentleman with a crown on his head! It is actually Tommaso Guicciardini Corsi Salviati himself, who, if free from other work commitments, you will find with Chèf Rey Guzman in the kitchen churning out aromas and flavors. We talk to him and he tells us about his passion for cooking. "It is a passion passed down at home by a special cook named Dunia to whom so many family recipes belong." Le Versegge could not miss a good restaurant because cooking is such an important part when you live in a place. Being good at the table also means slowing down and preparing the senses toward oneself. It is a gift we should give ourselves every day.

What to do in this part of the Maremma? Everything

Anna and Marco ask Ilaria what to do in Maremma. The list is long but here are some things that attract them and that they will definitely do:

  • Organized walks in the forest also with specialized guides;
  • Horseback riding or mountain biking;
  • Courses and experiences-from leather to basketry, from cooking to wine, at the Residence you can discover a world of craftsmanship and creative escapism;
  • Culture and art. We have it everywhere, and all you have to do is choose an art village or a museum, an archaeological dig or a cultural itinerary to have your day taken up with beauty;
  • Festivals and village festivals with some events that will take you back in time;
  • Sea and mountains your choice;
Resort in Maremma: why get lost in the pleasure of nature

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