Take the bike and become a tester

Put your passion for motorcycles into motion and participate in "The Travels of Motorcycling"

Take The Bike and Become a Tester.
How to combine the Tuscan countryside, the most beautiful roads of the Maremma, a passion for motorcycles and a magazine that has existed for 107 years? Easy just subscribe to
"The Travels of Motociclismo".

But the question is pragmatic:

  • How is it possible to be part of the Motociclismo newspaper team?
Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered!

Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered!

Thanks to Motociclismo and toscanainmoto.it here is a great story to experience as a protagonist. A real invention that will take you on the most beautiful roads of Italy in the company of professional testers and scouts.

Just buy the May 2023 issue of Motociclismo, to appreciate Tester Day Travel Maremma 2023 in collaboration with toscanainmoto.it.

With "I Tester Day Travel" you can do many things:

  • Trying many different bikes;
  • Experiencing a vacation together with other bikers;
  • Being in contact with "insiders."
  • Getting to know the most beautiful areas of Italy;
  • Appreciate itineraries specially designed for you;
  • Learning new leadership styles.

What are the upcoming adventures?

This is also possible in 2024. In fact, "Maremma 2024" the third edition on Tuscan soil of "Tester Day Travel" is already scheduled. What does the program establish?

  • 3-day stay at the fantastic Le Versegge Resort, one of the operational bases of toscanainmoto.it ;
  • 12/15 bikes of different brands in the same Adventure or Maxi Enduro segment;
  • 3 road and dirt routes to try out the bikes;
  • Work shop to learn more about vehicle features, riding techniques, techniques for loading luggage onto the bike, and getting acquainted with new parts and accessories;
  • The test analysis briefings, vehicle report cards, and exchange of views with the professional testers of the paper;
  • Each event is followed by a photo/video crew documenting the experience;
  • Each facility guarantees a small, fully equipped workshop, a pressure washer, and, of course, all the technical assistance you need to solve any problems.

A really interesting format.

Day Travel Testers have effectively revolutionized the method of motorcycle testing. Today lil testing is handled directly by the end customer.

An important selective method that imposes the rules and real market liking.

But what is there to see in Maremma?

The Maremma is a motorcycle industry in its own right. It offers many interesting alternatives that have favored it over other regions:

  • Great variety of terrain-you go from the sea to the mountains in no time;
  • Every smaller town or city of art is magically preserved compared to overly incentivized and commercial areas-the Maremma does well;
  • It offers great space for nature with beautiful dirt roads that are easy to travel;
  • The quality of stay follows a concept dear to the people of Maremma that expresses the luxury of simplicity.

Who runs such a thorough organization? toscanainmoto.it is a consultant to the operational organization of dream trips.

It refers to the needs of each motorcyclist by listening to his or her needs and evaluating his or her riding style.

One can refer to advice alone, or book a guide. What variables are possible?

  • Road-only routes, mainly enjoying beautiful routes surrounded by nature;
  • Itineraries that alternate between driving and sightseeing: art, culture, food and wine;
  • Events with own motorcycle, individual or group, Club, historic motorcycles, enduro, riding courses;
  • Women-only motorcycle events that alternate between riding and relaxing at the resort;
  • Vacations with company motorcycles for hire (for motorcyclists who do not wish to give up their family vacation, thus combining their passion for two wheels even for a single day).

toscanainmoto.it is an active hub in Maremma that relies on a very special accommodation facility: Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant.

Book a charming vacation in a unique territory

Book a charming vacation in a unique territory

In this small, well-kept corner of Paradise, every biker will find the utmost care for his or her stay and a familiar, innovative cuisine with select, quality products.

Maremma also deserves for its taste roads!

A true adventure for the palate.

Motorcycle tourism: an Italy to be discovered!

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