The best locations for corporate events in Tuscany

What are the best locations for corporate events in Tuscany?

One of the most appreciated regions of our Belpaese is the Tuscan territory: The best locations for corporate events are in Tuscany. The beauty of the territory and the quality of the traditional cuisine are the two most popular variables to make a good impression with your company. So here are the 5 locations in Tuscany where to hold corporate events.

5 locations in Tuscany where to hold corporate events

Are you looking for the "right" location to propose to employees, in which to hold your company's event or an important conference? Then you cannot be disappointed by Tuscany, where the combination of nature and food is a continuous attraction for events of all kinds. If you want to make this moment unforgettable, here are five locations to propose or consider to hold the event of the year.

  1. Pisa. In the province of one of the major maritime republics, halfway between Empoli and Pontedera lies Borgo Bucciano, in the municipality of San Miniato: a location-near Montopoli in Val d'Arno and Palaia-that offers a respectable panoramic terrace overlooking the Italian garden, park and pool. It also includes numerous spaces including the main hall suitable for receiving guests.
  2. Livorno. In the province of this port city that directly overlooks the Mediterranean is the Castle of Castagneto Carducci. The halls have been well restored and refurbished, nevertheless the castle still retains the charm of the medieval era, with wide arches cadencing the rhythm of the interior space-an ideal place to impress attendees!
  3. Siena. In the southern part of the Chianti Classico region, 20 kilometers from the city of the palio, is Borgo San Felice-in the town of the same name-located in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga. It is a historic mansion with large rooms suitable for meetings and private events, capable of gathering up to 120 participants. Each event is curated and customized by the local team.
  4. Prato. On the list of top5 locations in Tuscany, you cannot miss the Antica Fattoria Paterno 25 kilometers from Florence, one of the best locations for corporate events. Scattered among the Florentine hills, this historic home-in the province of Prato-preserves about 900 years of history. An exclusive location with refined indoor and outdoor spaces, with 3 event rooms and a capacity of about 200 people.
  5. Grosseto. In the Maremma countryside - municipality of Braccagni, near Grosseto - appears three Tuscan hills the residence Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, of the Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family. An enchanting place, immersed in greenery, surrounded by pine and cypress trees, equipped with an exceptional restaurant that makes this location also perfect for corporate events.

Le Versegge: the ideal location for your corporate events in Tuscany

If you want to organize an event for your company then you will need certain requirements, often unavoidable, such as:

  • a fairly large meeting room
  • A nice welcome when guests arrive
  • A nearby restaurant where you can eat well and also make a good impression
  • A convenient meeting place for all employees
  • a clean and elegant location
  • a quiet and secluded place

Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, in addition to being a green hotel facility recently renovated, includes the Re Sugo Restaurant, just a few meters away. Described by many as "a window on the Maremma of taste", the restaurant alternates traditional Tuscan cuisine with imaginative and creative dishes, without ever distorting the historic culinary past.

Choosing Le Versegge - luxury agritourism - and Re Sugo Restaurant therefore means confirming for doc Tuscan cuisine in the most famous area in the world: the Maremma!

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