A yoga retreat in Tuscany? Outdoors you can!

"Live only in the present, not in the future. Do your best today: don't wait for tomorrow."

Small attentions to ourselves start from simple principles. Here's where to find the most beautiful places to do outdoor yoga in Tuscany.

You can look for lovely places to do outdoor yoga, and plan a mini-vacation in Tuscany. So here are some tips for spending a rejuvenating weekend of physical and emotional well-being.

Outdoor yoga: wellness places in Tuscany

Yoga is a spiritual discipline thousands of years old, originating in India and increasingly practiced in recent decades in the West as well: dedicated to bringing body and mind into balance, it offers many positive health effects, as well as being an excellent remedy against stress.

Tuscany is well suited to the needs of meditation and silence: locations surrounded by nature, far from urban noise so that the mind can focus solely on the breath, without any distractions.

So what are the ideal places to do outdoor yoga? Let's look at them together.

Parks. If you live in the city, the park is naturally the "greenest and quietest" area available to you.Therefore, you can take advantage of the proximity of these areas to spend minutes of well-deserved relaxation.

In the province of Florence for example, you can go to the Renai Park in Signa, or the Serravalle Park in Empoli, not to exclude then the most famous one in Florence, the Cascine Park.

Pinewoods . Did you know that yoga originated right in the heart of the forests of India, over 5,000 years ago? Going back to the origins of this ancient practice gives even more meaning to the asanas - yoga postures - and enriches the practitioner's quest for balance and well-being: completely surrounded by nature and in the company of trees.

A recommended pine forest for outdoor yoga is undoubtedly the one in Viareggio, which is easy to reach and suitable for all ages.

Sea. If it is true that surrounding yourself with beauty improves your ability to look on the bright side of things, that breathing clean air regenerates the body, and that receiving sunlight strengthens the immune system, then you can't pass up doing yoga on the beach: in this case, the Maremma coasts are among the best in Tuscany because they offer wide, quiet spaces with breathtaking views.

Yoga at Le Versegge: for an all-green weekend

Practicing yoga outdoors accelerates the sense of union and harmony between the inner world and that of the surrounding environment-that is why it is so important to find a location surrounded by greenery and a relaxing atmosphere.

In the heart of the Maremma, just 20 minutes from the sea, lies Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, a luxury farmhouse located in the Tuscan countryside. Whether it's a vacation dedicated to you or a small group of friends, this charming resort is the perfect place to spend a carefree weekend: in fact, the agriturismo organizes yoga sessions with an in-house instructor and has an exceptional restaurant, the Re Sugo Restaurant, ready to prepare vegetarian or typical Maremma dinners. Just focus on breathing: Le Versegge has thought of everything else.

The most beautiful places to do outdoor yoga in Tuscany

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