Work is stressful as well as everyday life: you don't feel calm, you don't know how to get out of it, and the only thing you're sure of is that you need a time out. Have you thought that spending a yoga weekend in Tuscany could help you achieve that goal? Find out with us in this article, we'll explain the benefits of this sport and how easy it is to take some time for yourself in a lovely place like the Tuscan Maremma.

Why Yoga in Tuscany

When one thinks of Yoga one usually thinks of something very complex, something inward. One thinks of Eastern purity and its great ability to bring the physical and rational being closer together, of the complexity of cosmic dynamics; but Yoga is not just that, and it is best simplified in these few points:

  • Yoga is not a creed or a religion;
  • Yoga is not a cult to be joined to receive benefits in return;
  • Yoga is not a rigidly imposed regimen of life;

Yoga is actually a tool that, each of us in different ways, is able to complete and improve within ourselves, to make sure that a discipline of balance is generated in bringing the three pivotal elements of all existence into agreement:

  • The Body;
  • The Mind;
  • The Spirit;

Man has been the center of this discipline for 2,000 years

The Greek philosophers were clear about the aspect of the essence of things. The factor of union and exchange between spiritual activity and material manifestation. Nothing very different from the concept of Yoga that, in recent centuries, has been handed down to us by ever-evolving writings and studies. Yoga is not a static discipline but rather it is evolved and dynamic: changing times, societal values, fashions and cultures, while our world is increasingly technological and fast-paced. But Yoga, as a means of dialogue with our physical and mental balance, is a philosophy that moves out of time and without apparent limitation in practicing it in any particular situation: at the office, at work, at home after a difficult day, with friends and, why not, combining Yoga with a vacation, a magical time where one is gratified in experiencing a better "state of grace." Yoga does not impose any particular physical characteristics, and the various techniques for practicing it suit each individual independently.

Why organize a yoga weekend in Tuscany

Practicing yoga (at all levels) in a land as protected and rich in natural beauty as Tuscany could be a perfect combination to find that tranquility you are looking for. La Le Versegge Residence, equipped Charming Resort not far from the sea but in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, often organizes multi-level yoga classes. The goal is to follow with qualified people a careful and To practice yoga in a natural and very special environment. Yoga offers great benefits and medical science has largely confirmed this:

  • Improves self-control and limits anxious states;
  • Allows for better mental and physical fitness;
  • exercise allows for better elimination of toxins;
  • Stimulates sexual activity;
  • Improves intuitive and attitudinal skills;
  • Regulates physiology and regularity of function;

In short, Yoga manages, as if it were a hypothetical traffic light, the aspects of communication that, often, we fail to implement on a physical, mental and energetic level. Through a "listening" technique, it allows us to relate the body to the breath, until we reach a more advanced stage of meditation, which is a kind of sublimation of the "present" free from distracting factors.

How, when and where to do yoga in Tuscany?

The idea of approaching Yoga is definitely a time to begin to understand something deeper that is within us. This can be done in company, for example by creating a group of friends, and taking advantage of a weekend in Tuscany, in the Maremma. The rest is taken care of by the Le Versegge Residence, in the context of which, offers a manicured and lush garden to facilitate the first contact with this discipline. Teaching are capable "masters" who can distinguish the characteristics of novice Yogis. The stay at the Residence will be pleasant, in charming accommodations, taking advantage of swimming pool and small wellness space and a restaurant Who will be able to offer additional pleasant notes.

For the more experienced, a longer program is, of course, available that includes week-long vacations and packages with guided tours of the area. The ideal season starts in April and it is best to avoid the hottest period of Summer. Thus, very suitable is Spring or from mid-September until the end of October.

Avoid DIY

Choosing to have an experience such as Yoga is always a very good idea but at the same time it is good not to take this kind of activity lightly and to rely on careful and prepared people and follow a well-orchestrated program. Yoga leaves the individual with all the opportunity to express his or her own quest but, since it is still an important activity, it requires the minimum of discipline that is the basis of all learning.

Le Versegge Resort is happy to see you soon in the shade of its tall pines, in the scent of sage and rosemary, as a green lawn and Yoga gently bring you back to yourself.

If you want more information, call us, we are waiting for you.


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