Tuscany celebrating with new oil!

Oil festival: the most beautiful villages in Tuscan Maremma.

This is the time of the newoil festival: what better occasion, then, to go through some of the most beautiful villages in the region?

So let's see which countries to visit in order not to miss the goodness of an exceptional flavor, that of extra virgin olive oil!

Oil festivals in Tuscany: here are the villages where you can (de)taste a doc oil!

And so, from north to south, the festival of new oil covers the entire Tuscan territory, where olive trees, along with cypresses, are the undisputed protagonists.

In addition to wine and chestnuts, during these months of the year Tuscan olive oil depopulates on our tables, to let it be appreciated internationally as well.

Would you perhaps want to miss out on the delicious bruschetta adorned with freshly made, new oil?

So here are a few nice places to visit where you can taste seasonal goodness.

Let's start in northern Tuscany, in the province of Prato, where Montemurlo comes alive with tastings of new oil, typical local dishes and guided walks along olive groves and farm mills .

This could be a "tasty" reason to visit the fortress and ancient parish church in the village.

Wandering around downtown, the feast of festivals takes place in early December in San Quirico d'Orcia, in the valley of the same name in the province of Siena.

Also becoming among the highlights in these weeks is the Castle of Murlo, where the prize for the best oil of the year is awarded.

Maremma then awaits you with the Seggiano Oil Museum in an interactive tour that takes place throughout the town's historic center.

And from the slopes of Mount Amiata you can move on to the Buco Unto Festival near Civitella Marittima, where you can lose yourself in the village's narrow streets in local products, new oil, wine and many other local delicacies.

Between tastings, here's where to sleep!

You know, wandering around festivals and villages tires you out, and the best way to get a good rest is to venture into a resort immersed in the nature of the Tuscan countryside.

Imagine waking up to the quiet and green surroundings, where the wind and birdsong are your wake-up call.

Well, the dream can come true right in the middle of Maremma, at Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant.

This charming resort was opened by Tommaso Guicciardini, heir to theancient and noble Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family. And so-if not here, then where?

Oil festival: the most beautiful villages in Tuscan Maremma

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