Wine and food vacation in Tuscany? Why you made the right choice

Getting lost among the unmistakable Tuscan hills, passing through villages and rural landscapes rich in history, culture and good food: Here is an ideal wine and food vacation in Tuscany.

3 reasons to take a "tasteful" vacation in Tuscany

In Italy we are privileged to have a solid food and wine culture, rich in our own traditions and flavors.

Each region offers its own story that links food, drink, and places of production.

And it is precisely these aspects that often direct the decision to spend a pleasant and tasty vacation in Tuscany, perhaps even just for a weekend!

Here, then, is what not to miss on your next weekend away.

  1. Food: October is the month when the olive harvest begins. It is time for mushrooms and especially chestnuts, with special emphasis on the areas of Mugello, Casentino and Monte Amiata that have been awarded the PGI mark.
    And what about the Maremma? In October it offers colors, scents and flavors all to be discovered!
  2. Wine: It is the time of the grape harvest and the first new wines.

    To give a few examples of the most renowned Tuscan bottles: Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Morellino di Scansano, and among the whites, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Vermentino and Bianco di Pitigliano.

    How many good reasons then to think about a wine and food vacation in Tuscany? Wandering around wineries, farmhouses and restaurants you have the opportunity to cross and experience breathtaking hillside landscapes!

  3. Location: events, fairs and festivals in Tuscany are the right setting for the most atmospheric season of the year.

    Going from hamlet to hamlet at this time means finding less crowded places and lower costs: you will then have all the beauty and advantages of the summer months at your total disposal, with a little more coolness and tranquility! 

Re Sugo: a perfect food and wine vacation!

In the province of Grosseto you can find the so-called "window on the Maremma of Taste" that is the Re Sugo Restaurant, by Tommaso Guicciardini, of the ancient Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family and Valentina Mancini.

Together they have created a location that marries the flavors of Maremma cuisine with a vein of modern creativity aimed at enhancing the taste of tradition.

So here you can enjoy the delicacies of local cured meats and cheeses, the famous Maremma tortello, the inevitable wild boar on the menu, and an excellent selection of Tuscan wines.

If you want to stay in the area, you can always stay at the adjacent Resort Le Versegge, nestled in the green countryside, just 20 minutes from the sea and finally spend a weekend in total relaxation.

Here's an ideal food and wine vacation in Tuscany

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