Motorcycle tourism: why choose Tuscany

Reconciling family and motorcycle on vacation: here's how to do it. It's a feat that is not easy but still achievable with the help of Le Versegge Resort.

The Maremma is for many the FarWest of Tuscany.

The similarity seems like a long shot, but upon closer inspection, here is where the closeness to the American West Coast is all there: starting with the horses and Cowboys (here they are called Butteri), beautiful nature made up of expansive plains, and a mild, temperate climate to make California envious.

Nowadays people always ride in Maremma, but the real trend is to ride through it. Let's see how.

Why it is always worth taking a motorcycle ride in Tuscany

The great advantage of taking a motorcycle trip in Tuscany, is to remember every single moment: riding in the wind, you have a chance to "smell" the curves.

This is no small detail because the sense of smell, according to science, is a strongly evocative element.

The scents put you in a good mood and create great memories of your trip. Discovering the Maremma by motorcycle is therefore ideal; this strip of land south of Tuscany, offers everything you could want:

  • Nature indescribable;
  • A thousand-year-old culture;
  • Perfectly preserved countries and cities of art;
  • Living room care;
  • Food and wine quality;
  • Variety of territory.

A unique territory.

The latter point makes it possible to mount the Argentario and in just under an hour climb Mount Amiata: from zero to nearly 1,800 meters above sea level, among beech forests and views as far as the eye can see.

Vacation in Maremma: how to combine motorcycle ride, family and children?

It is difficult to indulge one's passion on vacation especially when family calls and imposes on two wheels, two wheels too many.

Are you behind the wheel and would like to spend two days on a motorcycle? The problem is solved thanks to

Visiting the site of Toscana in Moto easy to see the potential of the services it offers in that by finding a family arrangement and bringing your own helmet, jacket, gloves and boots, there is a beautiful motorcycle just waiting to be fired up.

Toscana in Moto, formerly a consultant for the newspaper Motociclismo and a partner of numerous Italian clubs, among its services offers:

  • Motorcycle rides of absolute beauty;
  • Possibility of using a guidebook or customized GPX tracks;
  • (POI) Specific Points of Interest to enter as a key player in the cultural and productive fabric of Maremma;
  • Comprehensive care;
  • Rental of newly manufactured and fully insured motorcycles.

Route scouting is done by professionals, with roadmaps established and in line with each riding style, whether on paved (black) or dirt (white) roads.

Often the Tuscany motorcycle tours are accompanied by pleasant interludes. This is all managed through the cooperation of a very nice resort: Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant. A motorcycle tour is best planned with the help of a specialized facility capable of supporting the motorcyclist.

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