Why get married in Tuscany and plan the wedding in Maremma

Maremma has great potential that makes it a truly special land: but how to organize a wedding in Maremma truly unique? With its history, traditions and incredible nature, it has bewitched so many people that, on the most beautiful day, they decided to get married right here. Here's why...

A dream come true in a land...of dreams!

It already starts from a base of exclusive beauty and with unparalleled natural variety. The Maremma, for the past few years, has been the destination of choice for many brides and grooms: from all over the world, in a range that encompasses every different spending project, the great demand in the wedding industry is concentrated precisely in this part of Tuscany. The reason for this success, is partly derived from the publicity of a few jet-set weddings but, above all, thanks to word of mouth that has really gone viral. And the reason lies in these four points:

  • the Maremma is a land of tradition and is authentic, and is not part of the "mainstream" tourist trade, making it a very personal and exclusive choice for many;
  • offers great variety between sea and countryside, art cities and mountains, beautiful islands and great appeal in caring for the environment;
  • some facilities offer an extraordinary luxury that lies in the simplicity of nature. For many today, unspoiled and protected nature is the true luxury for an important occasion;
  • local cuisine offers wholesome products, and the result of a wedding lunch is, for some renowned establishments, a journey into taste that is truly unmissable.

Le Versegge residence: a style for every event

Today's wedding market offers an endless variety of solutions. Perhaps the Maremma is not suited to be the ideal terrain for a lavish wedding with perhaps arrogant taste: it is not the ideal place to dazzle with special effects. At the Residence Le Versegge, for example, the philosophy is all about charming weddings in the countryside, with choices that are well managed by Ilaria Krismer, director and wedding planner, but above all by her passion in sharing with the bride and groom such an important moment.

"In our event ideal," Ilaria confirms, "there are many opportunities to offer the client something new and authentic. It comes to mind what is possible on this old Maremma farm, formerly an elementary school and train station. A dreamy place. Ilaria explains, "Getting married on a meadow at our place is absolutely possible, and with just a few ideas we set up an outdoor area with flowers and hay bales, white linen cloths and simple natural scenery in front of which it will be unique to say yes."

Why get married in a "communal house" in Maremma

The tourist success resulting from the wedding offer has directed the Grosseto Administration to a very nice and intelligent project, namely to make the "Municipal House" extended to the territory, involving the best tourist activities in order to choose a dozen structures suitable for the purpose.
Le Versegge, in addition to being a residence, is a municipal house and is in fact an extension of the City Hall and therefore is entitled for the administrative process of marriage to be set up and carried out there, both for Italian and foreign couples; as such, then, it offers not inconsiderable advantages to those who decide to get married in Maremma:

  • avoids a bureaucratic rigmarole in technical settings such as an anonymous, cold council chamber;
  • the act is carried out entirely at the Residence, without having to worry about returning to the City Hall;
  • The municipal labarum, the Italian Flag, the European Flag, registers and certificates will be the institutional elements that the Le Versegge Residence is required to host along with the Delegate Officer for the ceremony.
  • for any support in the preparation of the cards, our staff is absolutely at the disposal of the bride and groom-to-be.

The eye also wants its share

While from a substantive point of view it is possible to get married at Le Versegge Residence, here is what we can offer our clients from a formal point of view:

  • Planning your entire wedding. All stages are carefully followed and we collaborate to best interpret your ideas and proposals;
  • Every moment of the wedding can find its own uniqueness to be experienced within the Residence: the ceremony, the toast with the bride and groom, the photos, the aperitif, the dinner...
  • The Residence restaurant allows for a wide choice of dishes and menus, from traditional to Gourmet with a great selection of wines;
  • the Residence offers 30 beds, and with other nearby facilities it is possible to accommodate many people.

God created food but, surely, the devil created cooks!

The Re Sugo restaurant is no small detail. At Le Versegge Residence we take great care of the gastronomic aspect of an event: we don't like the "Big Binge," and we don't like messy cooking that confuses flavors and balance. Our staff works on well-constructed recipes with an eye always on the quality of the products. For a better take on the restaurant, the bride and groom-to-be can check out our cuisine with trial tastings of their chosen dishes. A service offered without obligation of course.

A wedding that tastes of Maremma

Seeing the Maremma for the first time is already an important marriage. You will find a welcoming and unique land, rich in history but also modern by nature and without unnecessary frills. It is not a land that is forcibly embellished or imposes ostentatious qualities. If your wedding is something that needs to be unique, personal and rich in content, even the choices you make will have to respect a class and value that goes beyond the usual. Perhaps this is why the Maremma was Leopold II of Lorraine's most beloved "home." And it is normal for a Grand Duke to have chosen the best....

How to plan a truly unique wedding in Maremma
How to plan a wedding in Maremma

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