Re Sugo is not the usual romantic restaurant in Tuscany.

Romantic restaurant in Tuscany

Romantic restaurant in Tuscany

Romantic restaurant in Tuscany: Il Re Sugo de Le Versegge might be just right for you. A special occasion deserves a suitable location, and if your better half has asked you to find a romantic restaurant in Tuscany, you can't help but fulfill his or her wish.
Think of a small venue in the heart of Tuscany, think of traditional smells and flavors, think of authenticity: your better half would instantly appreciate it.
Re Sugo is exactly like that: it is a gem set in the beauty of the Maremma.
It has eight large windows overlooking the countryside.
It is a unique place, inspired by nature to put good things on the plate.

Without Beauty there is no balance. Even in the kitchen

romantic restaurant tuscanyRe Sugo was born not far from Castiglione della Pescaia and the most beautiful Maremma destinations, in 2005, as a refreshment of the Le Versegge Residence under the belief that a good vacation is experienced completely mainly by being well at the table.

And so in recent years King Sugo has taken its fair share of satisfaction: named in the most widely followed guides as the Veronelli, today, in the digital age, it is well rated by a loyal and knowledgeable clientele. Merit for certain considerations that are the basis of a culinary philosophy that is modern but inspired of recipes from the past, namely:

  • Eating well and cooking healthy, quality products;
  • innovate with imagination and measure but always with an eye on Maremma;
  • Feeling at home in an open and beautiful place;

More than a romantic restaurant in Tuscany, a taste workshop

Re Sugo echoes the classic architectural pattern of the old Maremma tractor workshops. A large trussed roof and large windows overlook the garden, with the villages of Montepescali and Sticciano lit up in the distance. In the evening, it is a spectacle to admire the countryside, perhaps seeing a pair of deer running at sunset. A metaphysical place ideal for children who can play on the lawn and be free from mom and dad.

In King Sugo's dishes, history is the main condiment

romantic restaurant in tuscanyMaremma is a "new land," and there is a great variety of flavors in its nature. In the era of land reclamation, the Maremma attracted a lot of labor from all over Italy and so the cuisine was transformed and enriched accordingly. The most typical dishes are peasant ones such as Acquacotta, which is a simple soup of bread, vegetables and legumes, or ricotta and spinach tortelli, which, in Maremma, are a must-have classic. From Re Sugo, these simple basics, are the benchmark and therefore:

  • only home-made and carefully crafted egg pasta is prepared;
  • you control purchases by favoring KmØ materials;
  • tomatoes and hydroponic salads are prepared;
  • top-quality meats are cooked;
  • there is a curated wine cellar with labels from local producers;

So at Re Sugo's there is earthy cuisine, made up of appetizers, very tasty first courses, game and meats, vegetables, and, finally, desserts to lose your way home! Among the things to note are the cured meats and cheeses: first courses from Salumificio Mori di Torniella, second courses from Caseificio il Fiorino. Maremma buffalo mozzarella, Ardiles tomatoes, wild boar and meats butchered in Tuscany. Special attention to red meat from Limousine, a breed very particular for the "cleanliness" of its cut devoid of sinew or excess fat and therefore unsurpassed in filet or tagliata.

What's boiling in the pot

Appetizers are famous for the Gran Misto, an all-you-can-eat dish for those who want an assorted choice of everything a little bit. Then, ricotta and spinach tortelli, chickpea ravioli with rosemary and salt cod ragout, tagliatelle, pici, ricotta gnocchi. All made by hand and with that slowness that grandmothers liked. At Re Sugo, there is also room for a somewhat special dish such as coffee tagliatelle , which, in a kilogram of pasta, as many as six cups of good espresso are combined with the dough and, when the recipe is finished, is paired with a very delicate gorgonzola and walnut sauce. Try it to believe. Other strong-tasting main courses include wild boar in bianco with orange sauce and peposo di guanciola. (Take a look at King Sugo's menu!)

Behind Re Sugo there is a story of passion, there is Tommaso Guicciardini

Like all things that have a soul, there is a long years-long project behind Le Versegge's King Sauce. Tommaso Guicciardini, starting from a healthy concept of passion, he created the residence and the nearby eatery 15 years ago. Tommaso loves cooking as the most beautiful chemistry game one can make. Best in the company of gourmand friends, best without watching the many TV formats. First of all, good flavors and conviviality. And slowly, even with the help of excellent chefs, the Re Sugo has slowly acquired its own clientele in Grosseto and around the world, offering a very nice formula where good food must be combined with the beauty of the place and the landscape. Today the staff of Re Sugo has consolidated into a very close-knit team, with young and talented guys who follow a traditional cuisine made the way it used to be and following the cycle of the seasons.

Getting married at King Sugo's

Still looking for a romantic restaurant in Tuscany for the most important of occasions? Such a restaurant could only think of icing on the cake. Re Sugo is in fact a "Municipal House" and in its garden overlooking the Maremma it is possible to get married with a civil ceremony. A dedication for those who love each other and want to crown their dream in a good and ... beautiful place!

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