How to find a restaurant for corporate dinners

Has the time come to find a restaurant for corporate dinners? Better if suggestive looking perhaps for a location in Tuscany.

Here then are some tips for you to follow.

Ristorante for corporate dinners: 3 tips to follow

The Coronavirus and subsequent smart working have restricted meetings with family, friends and colleagues for months-a socially limiting, if necessary, constraint.

To hold a corporate dinner after this period, you may face some difficulties due to the current safety regulations still in place.

There are, however, small ploys that can make things easier and less problematic for you than expected.

In fact, you can choose a restaurant for corporate dinners that has certain features, such as to reduce worries.

Here, then, is what to aim for when choosing a good restaurant to carry out your company's dinner:

  1. Outside the city. Choosing a location surrounded by the tranquility of nature is always a good idea to create an alternative and usually more atmospheric atmosphere.
    In fact, the opportunity to have ample sharing space, perhaps in the cooler, open air could elevate the mood of the evening.
  2. Convenient to get to. Often one of the most common problems for a restaurant and for the participants themselves is just parking-a nightmare. The countryside certainly does not create this additional problem. 
  3. Exceptional cuisine. What makes a restaurant "renowned"? Whether it is a dish or the entire meal, the gastronomic offering is an indispensable variable of quality and reliability

Why Re Sugo Restaurant

In the province of Grosseto - in Braccagni to be exact - lies the so-called "window on the Maremma of taste": the Re Sugo Restaurant, desired by Tommaso Guicciardini and Valentina Mancini. The location offers classic Tuscan cuisine alternated, however, with a careful and creative reinterpretation, without ever distorting tradition, thus proposing an unprecedented and absolutely winning choice.

A restaurant therefore nestled in the green Tuscan hills, with a beautiful garden and ample parking, easy to reach and convenient for guests. Not only that: also owned by the Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family is the nearby resort Le Versegge, a luxury farmhouse with well-lit suites and apartments suitable for relaxation and a carefree weekend getaway. Taking advantage of the company dinner you can always think about staying a couple of nights in the heart of Maremma. Why not?

How to choose a restaurant for corporate dinners

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