What does it really mean to spend Christmas in Tuscany?

Tuscany and Christmas: where to savor food and history.

A time of traditions, ancient rituals and delicious food: if you have never spent Christmas in Tuscany, it might be the right opportunity to treat yourself to a weekend of pure magic.

Get involved in the most cheerful and carefree celebration of all: here's where to go and what to eat during this "extra-ordinary" time.

Christmas in Tuscany: 3 places not to be missed!

Tuscany is rich in Christmas traditions, deeply felt by people, which are manifested in every area of the territory.

Undoubtedly there are some special countries that are really worth a visit under Christmas and that you cannot miss.

Any examples? Let's look at them together:

  1. The city of torches: this is what is called Abbadia San Salvatore Under the Christmas holidays.

    At midnight on December 24, in fact, the medieval town is lit up with an ancient ritual that sees it light up all night long: large pyramid-shaped stacks of wood are set on fire in every square in the center.

  2. The country that "crowns itself with towers." Monteriggioni. A special place, mentioned in Dante's Inferno, makes itself the starting point of an evocative night walk:

    Christmas Eve evening, in fact, it is a tradition to leave from the town's castle and walk through fields and woods.

    Illuminated only by hundreds of flashlights, in about 4 kilometers
    you reach Valmaggiore and Abbadia ad Isola, where mass is held at the Abbey of Saints Salvatore and Cirino.

  3. In the mountains of Garfagnana, a Gorfigliano.

    In this small village in the municipality of Minucciano, the famous Natalecci are lit on Christmas Eve: tall bonfires placed on the most visible hillsides of the village and set alight while the bell starts the prayer. 

And if, on the other hand, you wanted to pursue the traditional flavors of Christmas in Tuscany then you should not miss these delicious dishes: crostini di fegatelli and stuffed neck (or chicken in galentino).

the baked snails and sweet ricciolina of Monte Amiata; the vecchiarelle of Grosseto, the baked sweetbread of Porto Santo Stefano, the ricciarelli, befanini, cavallucci of Siena, and the famous panforte of Pienza.

Stay in Tuscany: a resort in tranquility!

What better time than Christmas to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays and then retreat to the quiet Tuscan hills?

In the hamlet of Braccagni, near Grosseto, there is a luxury farmhouse that between tradition and innovation has created a cozy and familiar atmosphere.

We are talking about Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, which has always belonged to the noble Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family.

Whether your preferences are for comfortable farmhouse suites or Bed&Breakfast accommodations, the resort can meet your every need, including those related to good food, thanks to the presence of the Re Sugo, an exceptional restaurant.

If you can combine the festivities with silence and rest, that's it!

Tuscany and Christmas: where to savor food and history

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