Do you have any idea where to spend Ferragosto in Tuscany?

Ferragosto in Tuscany: how to find a farmhouse that is truly welcoming and relaxing.

Although it originated in ancient Rome, the tradition of the August bank holiday outing only started in the mid-1920s: the so-called "Augustus rest"(Feriae Augusti) has spanned centuries and millennia to the present day. And do you have any ideas of where to spend Ferragosto in Tuscany?

This land is a continuous discovery, able to surprise in every season, and the best way to experience it is undoubtedly to choose an agritourism among the beautiful hills and tall cypress trees of this region.

Here, then, are three reasons to aim for an absolutely doc Tuscan stay.

3 reasons to choose a farmhouse in Tuscany

Maybe it's just about time for you to jump at the chance! Then here you will find, not one but three reasons to choose to spend August Ferragosto in an all-Tuscan farmhouse .

  1. In this last period, for so many people, the call to nature has become really strong, and when nature calls, may man not be late to answer!

    Usually a farmhouse is surrounded by the landscape, immersed in the peace of the senses and flooded with a hypothetical as well as concrete sense of relaxation, due to the secluded location of the facility.

    So why choose a hotel in the middle of the city center, with so many other guests right on the days of Ferragosto?
  2. Tradition or innovation? We Italians, and not only, love tradition as much as innovation.

    Keeping up with the times is important to get the most comfort from a stay out of town, without necessarily denying the old traditions.

    Agritourisms, especially luxury ones, are no longer furnished with uncomfortable beds and dusty sheets, old closets and insufficient lights: instead, they respond with quality to all customer needs, carrying out a true green philosophy.
  3. Familiarity and typical cuisine. As is often the case with agritourisms, you can experience firsthand the local products, carefully selected to suit your tastes.

Le Versegge: here's where to spend a peaceful August Ferragosto!

In the town of Braccagni, near Grosseto, hides a luxury farmhouse, recently renovated but with ancient origins: it was in fact a complex of houses consisting of a farm, a school and a train station.

Therefore, the Resort Le Versegge - of the Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family - has been a piece of history of the Tuscan Maremma, rich in colors, scents and flavors that only this land can give.

And right in the heart of Maremma nature, Le Versegge - with the attached restaurant Re Sugo - stands out for offering guests Bed&Breakfast solutions, apartments or comfortable Suites where they can fully appreciate the surrounding silence.

And why not, also enjoy a nice dip in the pool!

Mid-August in Tuscany: how to find an agritourism

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