Digital Detox vacation is the latest frontier of "smart rest"


What is a Digital Detox vacation and where to organize it in Italy? Smartphones, computers, various devices are now present in your life. How to approach the topic of a Digital Detox vacation? What can it be useful for? You may have realized that a Digital Detox vacation is necessary as the last frontier of smart rest. So tourism is taking over a new model of the relationship between leisure and relaxation, a new way of vacationing is opening up, and in Maremma, a small but attractive country resort is leading the way. So here are some tips for landing a digital free vacation!

Vacation detox: depriving ourselves of a part of ourselves and rediscovering many things we had inside

Mr. Rossi in the pool...with a smartphone!
He sits on vacation in a lovely place, surrounded by incredible nature. Mr. Rossi doesn't give up, however, and as he sits inside the pool, his only big concern is that his iPhone doesn't fall into the water. He talks on the phone.

The Bianchi Family and their children's the table!
Here is the Bianchi Family at the restaurant. They have been on vacation for a few hours and now it is dinner time. They sit down: mom, dad and the two children, ages 5 and 8. It is a beautiful evening and the sunset is fading behind the hills. Dad connects with technological Bluetooth headsets the two little ones to an iPad, and within seconds the two children will be ideally "disconnected from life" and intent on watching a cartoon. Long live tranquility.

The Digital Detox Vacation

The Digital Detox Vacation

These are cases that really happened but with fictitious names. People who would have needed a Digital Detox vacation. Technology is increasingly taking over our personalities, and everything that seemed useful and functional to us is basically making us digital slaves. How the world has changed we know well:

  • Phones;
  • Internet;
  • Social;
  • Computers;
  • Conference Call;
  • Home Voice Control;
  • Highly automated cars;

And the world of technology has many other solutions in store that will ostensibly make us more dynamic and productive, but also highly dependent on these extra corporeal appendages. As with any addictive element, the panorama of old "vices" of yesteryear is widening with new "wingmen" that accompany us in private as well as at work. In fact, we often cannot give up putting our cell phones in our pockets, downloading a notification or an email that comes to us and to which we must immediately respond, reading a like on Facebook, answering so many business calls that make us imbibe. The world has shifted into a faster gear, and this has spilled over into the world of work and our daily routines. We are more connected and lonely and with two opposite behaviors that determine our emotional state:

  • Hyperactivity and motor whirlwind;
  • Depression and lack of relationship;


Analytically speaking, these are complex states of mind that indicate fear (such as the gazelle fleeing pierced by the lion or a mouse getting stuck in front of a snake about to attack). In the human case, technology has caused addiction and anxiety, so what are we to do? The answer comes from a small tourist resort in the Maremma, the Residenza Le Versegge, a charming resort that is very active in offering real digital detox vacations, that is, ones that help detoxify from technology.

Nanni Moretti docet!

Easier said than done? Nanni Moretti on the remote island of the Aeolian Islands while searching for a television to watch the latest episode of Beautiful comes to mind! Surely it is a vacation that liberates us and makes us discover things we had forgotten and in particular that:

  • Everyone can live without a cell phone for a week;
  • you can avoid consulting a computer or tablet;
  • one can learn to write a letter with a pen, or write a postcard;
  • one can read the newspaper and not listen to the radio or watch TV;
  • you can talk to other guests, ask for information and be curious;
  • you can create a relationship with nature and through that relive things (for the more mature) that we did as children or teenagers;

Tuscany detox vacation: how to do it and when?

How nice it was to go on vacation without having to call anyone: no new, good news said Mom! But how does a digital detox vacation work? Apparently the hardest thing to do is to choose with your friends this vacation: for 3 to 7 days you are without a cell phone or any device in your suitcase. Spring or Fall is better. Better in a group. A program of courses and things to do is a chance to get into the time machine and have a completely different and liberating vacation.

Upon arrival, the cell phone is collected, and for any serious eventuality it is always possible to be immediately informed to get in touch with one's family - day and night. It is very important to experience this time of technological disconnection not as a deprivation, but as a gift to ourselves.

The first few days of "detox" are difficult because guests have a real psychic "drop," but recovery is pleasant and rewarding. Included in the vacation is an introductory course in Yoga techniques and supervision by qualified and trained staff.

A detox vacation to gently return to ourselves

At the end of this training vacation, it is very interesting to return to classical customs. Something has clicked within us and our relationship with technology acquires new rules. Like, for example, turning off one's smartphone to devote oneself to creating something with one's hands and thus with one's soul. Easy: we learned this at Le Versegge Residence!

Are you ready for this new adventure inside yourself? Give us a call, we look forward to hosting you.

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