Here's what to do in Maremma during a vacation in Tuscany

What to do in Maremma to enjoy the beauty of this land? Sea, countryside, mountains, spas, the kind of hospitality, the natural features of the land and so on. You look for information, talk to friends, make reservations and go. And that is what you are surely doing now as you prepare your vacation in Tuscany! In fact, in this article, we will try to give you some hints on what to do in Maremma because you are bound to visit it if you plan to explore the real Tuscany...

Tips on what to do in Maremma to enjoy the area

If Maremma is on your travel itinerary, you can leave without lifting a finger but rest assured that you will find just what you want. In Maremma we are lucky enough to have it all. A short list?

What to do in Maremma

What to do in Maremma

  • Sea at the highest level: 5 sails awarded to Castiglione della Pescaia by Legambiente and Touring Club Italiano;
  • Archipelago with fairy-tale islands and wonderful seabed where diving and snorkeling can be done;
  • Mountains: the Amiata, with its 1,800 meters of altitude, offers unique walks and even a small ski resort open in winter;
  • Hot springs: wherever you turn in Maremma you find hot water rich in the elements;
  • Pure nature, thanks in part to a 9800-hectare Nature Park where we can rediscover our fauna and flora;
  • Art: in small towns, in the middle of the countryside, by the sea, you will be in contact with the finest art and archaeology. The Maremma is a fascinating Etruscan and medieval land;
  • Charm tourism, where to find unexpected facilities that really make a difference;
  • Good food and classy wine: try our ricotta and spinach tortelli and wild boar cooked in a thousand different ways. If you then want to pay a visit to the winery, you'll be spoiled for choice;
  • Traditions: these are the natural way to keep themselves authentic compared to other territories that instead flaunt a very commercial soul and little relationship with the past;
  • Sports: horseback riding, biking, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, fishing, hunting, and the list can go on with many activities for all ages;

Everything is located in a circumscribed territory where the orography changes at a glance, enjoying poignant views. Everything here has infinite value where, more than anywhere in Italy, one feels a strong inner gratification: the Maremma, in fact, is becoming a media phenomenon of attraction precisely because of its multifaceted soul.

Maremma is good for you!

Here are some ideas on what to do in Maremma during your vacation!

  • A day in the Maremma Park. Perhaps if you are an adventurous group of friends, it is nice to go down to the sea in canoes along the Ombrone River, accompanied by experienced guides, of course. The Park offers bird-watching, or wonderful treks. Walking on the beach (that beach) will be an experience you will surely remember.
  • Horseback riding experience. If you've never been on horseback, it's time to get closer to this noble friend with a day of horseback riding. The most beautiful Maremma is best discovered in the saddle: it is no coincidence that for years the horse has been an important aid to work in the countryside and in the woods. You will also be able to watch shows with the Butteri, our cowboys, and admire how certain work riding techniques are still kept alive. On some farms horse work is normally practiced.
  • Going to the beach. Here you can choose between the free and wild beach or multi-level organized establishments. There are also solutions for your 4-legged friends such as the Bau Bau Beach where animals are very pampered. We also like to recommend Bella Vita which is a beach sui generis, without bar and restaurant, spartan and very chic with its wooden umbrellas and purpose that are so 50'!
  • For children, a day of nature walking (with highly trained instructors) on the tall pines of the Adventure Park. At the end you will be carried high up too and it will be like being a kid again!
  • Massa Marittima a unique place to be dazzled by the city's great cathedral. The history of this medieval town tells us of a wealth and style on par with the great Italian Cities of Art. Too bad the economic and mercantile adventure of this gem came to a premature halt;
  • In season, don't miss concerts, village festivals, guided tours and always plenty of art and culture in a thousand themed gardens. Artists and intellectuals have chosen Maremma to crown their "Buen Retiro": so don't miss Daniel Spoerri and his garden of works of art in Seggiano, Paul Fuchs and the Garden of Sounds, Rodolfo Lacquaniti, an ethereal example of reused matter in the Garden "Journey of Return," Kurt L. Metzler in Monticiano with very vital and dreamy works;
  • Good food and courses of all kinds, to make a vacation not just about information, but to return home with something more in your heart; among the courses to be taken: the Leather and Leather course with the Tommaltese Master, basketry courses (to learn how to make panniers and small baskets), Maremma cooking and guided tours of renowned wineries to get a good understanding of what is behind a good label.
What to do in Maremma

What to do in Maremma

These are just some of the ideas we recommend because every season is ideal for discovering this land: beautiful in spring, with a rushing awakening of blooms, scents and colors. May always appreciated for the first swims in the sea.

Summer always offers unique leisure features, while September and October are "mature" months, with mild weather as the bush slowly begins to blush. Worth seeing at least once.

And if you want to stay overnight in Maremma, you will find many classy accommodations such as the Residenza Le Versegge, which offers you eight charming accommodations and the chance to experience a peaceful vacation.

This former farmhouse and former elementary school, a small train station in the countryside not far from the sea, has all the charm of yesteryear: in the evening at Re Sugo's, its romantic little restaurant, it's nice to stop in and discover sincere cuisine. While the illuminated villages in the surrounding hills wink at your vacation.

Call us, Maremma will enter your heart.

what to do in Maremma

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