Fancy the sea? Guide to the beaches of the Maremma

What are the best beaches in Maremma?

If it is not mountain it is sea, and if it is sea then it must be Maremma: the argument makes no bones, especially if you are planning to spend a few days in Tuscany. So Fancy the sea? Guide to the beaches of Maremma.

In that strip of the Tyrrhenian coast that are the beaches of the Maremma, it seems to be in a real paradise on earth: between the colors of the underwater vegetation, the amount of animal species and the succession of coves and rocks, you will see beautiful things!

Here then is a quick guide to the best beaches in Maremma.

Maremma, what a sea! 10 Maremma beaches not to be missed

"The high tide will erase my footprints. And the wind will scatter the foam. But the sea and the beach will last. Forever." So go the verses of Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, extolling the beauty of the sea and its beaches. And in 170 kilometers of Maremma's coastline, including ancient Spanish towers, pine forests, coves and cliffs overhanging the sea, archaeological relics surfacing from the surface and seabeds densely populated with aquatic species, here are the beaches of the Maremma that make themselves loved all round. So let's see together which ones we prefer, in order from north to south.

  1. Baratti Beach. In the heart of the Etruscan Coast, municipality of Piombino, stretches the sandy beach that enters Rimigliano Park and offers a sea with depths suitable for snorkelers.
  2. Torre Mozza. This is a 16th-century fortification placed in the center of the Gulf of Follonica as a lookout and defense point for the coast. A fine example of how history and nature come together over time.
  3. Cala Martina. It is said that in 1849 Garibaldi left from here to escape the soldiers of the Papal State and proceed to the unification of Italy: an event remembered with a memorial stone that emerges from the sea. Beyond Garibaldi, this cove is truly fascinating!
  4. Cala Violina. So named because you can hear the sound of the sand rising from the visitor's foot (except crowded beach), composed mainly of quartz grains, and reminiscent of the sound of the bow on the violin. Curious isn't it?
  5. Punta Ala. If you are looking for a beach completely immersed in the surrounding nature, this is definitely for you. In fact, it reserves an atmosphere we would say a bit "wild," with pebbles that allow you to reach the rocks of a very long beach set in a beautiful pine forest. All to be discovered!
  6. Marina di Alberese. This is the best-known beach in the Maremma Natural Park: admissions are in fact limited to preserve the beauty of the place. White beach, crystal-clear sea, assured quiet, kiosks and refreshment spots: this is what you will find if you should choose to spend time here.
  7. Gulf of Talamone. If you are a lover of kitesurfing and windsurfing this is the ideal place to practice sports and really have fun. Not only that. The charm of the Gulf is mainly due to the presence of the medieval town of Talamone: a small port of Etruscan origin that, with its alleys, goes up to the Rocca Aldobrandesca, made entirely of stone.
  8. Monte Argentario. Who has never heard of this incredible place? A mountain created by the Albegna River and the currents of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and connected to the mainland by two tongues of sand that are the main attraction: the beaches. The super recommended ones are La Feniglia and La Giannella. Not to be missed!
  9. Are you looking for the famous Puccini Tower, that of the Tuscan composer Giacomo Puccini? Well, it is located right here, in that medieval tower overlooking the dark sandy beach. The Tagliata and the Spaccato della Regina are two other works of Roman engineering that makes this location famous.
  10. You can't go wrong: its endless beaches and deep blue sea make it unmistakable. For long walks along the shoreline and for diving enthusiasts, it is the ideal destination.

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