Fall weather: visiting the Maremma is always a good reason

What is needed for Visiting the Maremma in autumn: 5 more-than-useful tips.

Part wild and unspoiled, part historic and full of tradition, the Maremma offers a variety of places to visit.

It is a peculiar land that often does not immediately enter people's eyes. In fact, the appeal of the Maremma is that it represents, by excess, the most preserved and natural part of Tuscany.

Undoubtedly, the more publicized and national-popular Maremma does not represent the true nature of Southern Tuscany. Maremma, the real and non-artifactual one, is something else and is very well represented in some unspoiled areas that have not enjoyed as much hype and publicity by variety. Let us discover them together.

What to visit in Maremma in autumn?

To visit the Maremma is to immerse yourself in the past, to discover unique dishes that speak of the rural world.

Maremma is nature in no uncertain terms: forests, hills, sea and mountains. The Maremma Park, Mount Amiata and the Colline Metallifere are just some of the unspoiled places this land offers. Here are some ideas on what to do and see:

- The Sea. The Maremma offers a crystal clear sea of rare clarity, in a setting where the islands of the archipelago-Elba, Giglio, Montecristo-are real actors on an imaginary stage where one can get lost with the horizon. In addition, locations such as Castiglione della Pescaia have been awarded the highest accolade for water clarity by the Touring Club and Legambiente: the 5 sails.

- Maremma Park. In Summer, it is possible to visit this nature area accompanied by a guide. But in Fall, Winter and Spring, it is instead possible to move around independently, perhaps by bike or on horseback.

- Ombrone River. The first rains have arrived and the Ombrone River grants to be navigated by canoe to its mouth; a truly moving experience that, for the less experienced, is recommended to be experienced anyway with the help of a guide.

- Mount Amiata. The giant of the Maremma: a true volcanic mountain where, wouldn't you know it, there is also a well-equipped ski resort. Its beech forests are beautiful to walk through with itineraries leading up to the Amiata cross at 1738 meters. A truly breathtaking view of the Maremma and the Archipelago!

- The Metalliferous Hills. An area full of dreamy villages and an attractive and fantastic geology, made up of disused but visitable mines and small thermal villages such as Sasso Pisano. In this little gem you will also find a hot water washhouse nestled in the woods. Finding it on an autumn day will be a challenge, and soaking in its sulfur-rich water will be an indispensable reward.

Autumn Maremma: what and where to eat?

Eating well in Maremma is a real necessity. In fact, this land is a kaleidoscope of traditional Tuscan recipes. Among the cuisines that marry tradition and innovation are Re Sugo restaurant, nestled in the Maremma countryside, with large windows that exclude walls or separations between the table and the countryside. Only first-rate products enter Re Sugo: vegetables, meats and game.

Fresh homemade pasta, with a variety of dishes that are imaginative and creative, but harken back to the past: ceci e baccalà are ravioli stuffed with rosemary chickpeas with a red cod ragout. And then red meat with Limousine cuts that, by far, are one of the restaurant's mainstays.

At Re Sugo, however, you discover a world of good things and can go home with memories in your suitcase: cured meats (Silvano Mori), cheeses (Il Fiorino), wine (many producers offering a range of top labels).

Visiting the Maremma: luxury farmhouse, hotel or resort?

One does not travel in Maremma. In Maremma you live and experience the style of this millenary land. Coming down from Roccastrada, just 20 minutes from the sea, here is a stop you definitely shouldn't miss, the Le Versegge Resort &Restaurant: a small island of peace that welcomes you with a smile and extra care, for those who like to plan smart vacations.

It cannot be defined whether it is a resort, a luxury farmhouse or a real hotel. The real luxury is relying on the exclusive simplicity of being able to feel independent.

Le Versegge is well maintained, with a verdant garden full of tall maritime pines, a swimming pool set in a sheltered arched courtyard, and a small restaurant where you can discover the flavors of the Maremma. 

With the Residence Le Versegge Resort&Restaurant you can find many vacation opportunities with included tastings, package tour programs, courses of all kinds. The most beautiful and hidden Maremma is waiting for you with many advantageous ideas!

Visiting the Maremma

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