A vacation in Maremma. What to do.
Le Versegge Resort the ideal reference for combining sea and countryside.

A vacation in Maremma. What to do. 

Choosing where to go on vacation is never easy. For each of us, it is important to disconnect from everyday problems, from the relentless routine of the city. But this specialness must respect our temperament, the needs of the family or teenage children. So finding an ideal formula is often difficult. 

One chooses a beach vacation as the last "beach" because we find everything but, at the same time, we will have to get used to a hustle and bustle and traffic very similar to the city. 

So let's see what alternatives and what advice we can follow so as not to displease anyone.

Nature is fun.

For children to experience nature positively can be a lot of fun. Choosing a stay in a seaside town does not offer many advantages for experiencing nature fully. Often the hotel where we stay does not have a large garden and contact with the environment is limited to swimming pools or crowded beaches. 

So avoid booking an expensive hotel on the beach or a shoddy guesthouse in the village because the Maremma is large and offers many alternatives not far from the sea at the right price.

Free beach or old-fashioned beach?

In Castiglione della Pescaia there is a bathhouse that is actually a sailing school! It is called the Bella Vita and it is a unique place because it offers very little and lacks all the amenities of a crowded bathhouse. In return, it offers the appeal of experiencing a bath like many years ago, with old wooden umbrellas and purpose, very comfortable sunbeds, a small hut to stock up on Moka coffee, water, and a single island shower lost in the middle of the sea.

A bath as it used to be.

The old-fashioned beach where children can rediscover how to make do with having fun at the beach without video games, a bar or television. 

Heaven on earth exists.

The Maremma Park where you can book a different day in total peace with nature. The Park covers 90 hectares and offers very enjoyable guided tours. The flora and fauna of the Maremma are protected, so we cannot bring our four-legged friends into the park as they might contaminate a perfectly balanced ecosystem. You can get around the park on foot, by bicycle or even by carriage. 

Le Versegge Resort

Not far from Castiglione della Pescaia we find a popular charming hotel in the Tuscan Maremma:

Le Versegge Resort with its Re Sugo restaurant is a good alternative to the hotels on the coast. It is a twenty-minute drive to the beach, and after a day in the sun, it is nice to come "home" enjoying the large, cool, shady garden and the fantastic pool. 

Eating well in Maremma.

Not always and only fish. Maremma is not a land of sailors and fishermen but of farmers. So is its cuisine then.

The Re Sugo restaurant offers cuisine that is familiar and attentive to tradition but with the added ingredient of imagination. The land menu features classic ricotta and spinach tortelli and homemade tagliatelle, top-quality cuts of meat, and game, which, in Maremma cuisine, is never lacking. Wild boar with apples or stewed pheasant are two excellent dishes.  

The Versegge Resort at the center of it all.

Seaside towns at a certain hour fill up with people. While the morning by the sea is pleasant, late afternoon everything becomes more difficult. There is a lack of peace.

Returning to Le Versegge Resort., perhaps stopping to buy organic fruit on the farm, can be an ideal solution for everyone.

Le Versegge Resort offers a truly enjoyable vacation in Maremma. The suites and apartments are cool, equipped with all comforts, the garden offers many nooks and crannies where you can read in peace, and the pool in the evening is ideal for a glass of wine before going to King Sugo's for dinner.

And then Le Versegge Resort is located in the center of Maremma and the culture of this magical land.

The Magic of a Sword in the Stone.

Your children will certainly not expect St. Galgano 's superpowers to be so cool! Wow, a sword in the stone?

Thirty kilometers from Le Versegge Resort is the Abbey of San Galgano with the nearby hermitage of Montesiepi. Here, around the year 1000, a large cathedral arose that hides a wonderful relic: the sword stuck in the rock of St. Galgano.

A place lost in the games of time and the most inexplicable beliefs.

But Le Versegge Resort is at the center of it all. You can be at the sea in a moment and, at the same time, go to Mount Amiata at almost 1700 meters above sea level. Visit art cities such as Siena or Massa Marittima, have your partner discover the most beautiful spas (such as the Mulino waterfalls in Saturnia) or the pools on the square in Bagno Vignoni

From Le Versegge Resort it is then possible to enter the world of wine and the most exclusive gastronomy. The Silvano Mori Salumificio in Torniella, which is famous for supplying its products to the Royal House of England, is a must-visit destination for good shopping before heading back to the city!

A vacation in Maremma. What to do. Definitely rediscover the vacation in the countryside not far from the sea and thus find a serene space where you can experience the wonder of many surprises.

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