Motorcycle tourism: why choose Tuscany

Tour of Tuscany by motorcycle: all the secrets in Italy's most dynamic and exciting region.

We ask ourselves a question when thinking about motorcycle tourism: why choose Tuscany ?

Its configuration offers a naturalistic environment with multiple characteristics: sea, plains, hills, mountains, in a succession of roads that, in the motorcycling imagination, identify "a true paradise" for two-wheelers.

It deserves to plan a motorcycle trip to Tuscany and make time to carve out a few days for an on-the-road vacation.

How to get there and where to go for sure

Even in terms of motorcycle touring, Tuscany has a big advantage: it is located in the middle of Italy and can be reached in a flash. Here's what it offers:

  • Roads of absolute beauty;
  • Renowned centers and cities of Art;
  • Reception without limits;
  • Excellent food and wine.

The Apennines protect Tuscany to the east and it is here that we find the most technical "Passes" coming from Romagna. The Muraglione Pass, the Calla, and the Giogo are important roads that open up wonderful scenery coming down towards Mugello.

Stopping in Scarperia is a must (perhaps also because of the proximity of the Mugello Circuit). 

From Florence to Chianti, the step is short. An area rich in winemaking tradition that links one town more enchanting than the next-Greve, Panzano, Castellina-to Siena.

Passing right through Panzano in Chianti, a stop at Dario Cecchini's, the poet of steak, the gastronome who ennobled the poor dishes of Chianti tradition, is a must.

Cassia and Chiantigiana are the two princesses with which to dance curve after curve. The geometry of the road does not hide challenging sections, but generally the asphalt is reliable and the maintenance of the surface impeccable.

Another daydream is the Crete Senesi and the Val d'Orcia. From Siena, following the Cassia road, you will experience the sensation of flying with your motorcycle, among hills encircled by lonely cypress trees, through reddish lands, lush wheat crops and smooth curves. 

Pienza, Montepulciano, Trequanda, San Giovanni d'Asso, are gems to be discovered one by one, and don't forget Bagno Vignoni, which includes a surefire spa stop in the town square.

Still following the Cassia, one arrives at Bagni di San Filippo, and from here, ascending toward Mount Amiata, here is Abbadia San Salvatore as a preliminary to the most attractive Maremma.

Maremma and its landscapes of the soul

The Maremma by motorcycle is a case in point: an unparalleled adventure. From Abbadia San Salvatore you can ride up to Vetta Amiata, climbing to nearly 1,800 meters.

The roads are all very beautiful, with very technical and well-maintained asphalts. They are mountain roads among centuries-old beech forests, and from up there you can see the whole arc of the Tuscan Archipelago that bathes the Maremma.

Santa Fiora and Castel del Piano, are "refuges" where you can eat well, among all the Aiuole restaurant in Arcidosso where Ugo Quattrini will welcome you as a Maremma doc with game dishes "to lose your way home."

Descending from the Amiata toward the Maremma, here we are in the heart of one of Tuscany's most popular areas.

The coast and the sea are beautiful, but what is most striking is the hilly hinterland with its roads drawn like tracks. 

The "Scansanese," which descends toward Grosseto, is a road for those who know how to appreciate the most beautiful sights but on which the spirit of the Tourist Trophy seems to be revived: a real track in the middle of the countryside but which is ideal to travel in total relaxation.

Drive well but...also be driven

Motorcycling alone is a bit like going to the mountains alone. It can be done but it can also be avoided.

Therefore, the advice is to evaluate Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant.

Here you will never be alone, and the group vacation will be perfectly managed by biker friends who are working for you.

This is the type of trip we enjoyed the most, with itineraries "daisy-chained," meaning returning to the same charming farmhouse but experiencing a different adventure at each moment.

It's great to arrive at Le Versegge, unpack your bags and discover a true paradise. Tommaso Guicciardini and Carlo Morfini have already prepared motorcycle touring proposals to experience your motorcycle vacation in Maremma.

This accurate service is called Toscana In Moto and you can decide to independently follow the gps tracks or "enlist" a guide to follow these dream itineraries. You will never be alone and that means counting on many attractive benefits:

  • Finding the "right" roads right away;
  • Count on direct "motard to motard" advice;
  • Having a wheeled motorcycle transport always available;
  • Comprehensive care;
  • A spare bike always rentable;
  • A fully equipped workshop and covered parking;
  • "Parallel" programs for her and him with massage, cooking classes, outdoor yoga and much more.

And then this resort, this old farm and train station, where you can relax after a day "on the bike" and then discover an enchanting pool, a sauna and an enchanted garden. Little luxuries of simplicity that end up at the table at Re Sugo, the residence's restaurant, to crown a vacation with traditional Maremma dishes.

To each motorcyclist a different program

On a motorcycle, every need is different, and at Le Versegge Resort they know how important it is to package the ideal vacation.

Visit now the site of Tuscany by Motorcycle to get an idea of the many proposals to experience. Don't worry: if you want to be more free you can just ask for advice and get on the saddle in peace. One gear after another in Tuscany's most fascinating Maremma to discover.

Maremma by motorcycle with a pitstop at Le Versegge Resort

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