Here is a guide to the festivals and festivals in Tuscany that you can't miss!

Festivals in Tuscany? Here is a guide to events in Maremma. Here, like any territory rich in history, it is important to pass on traditions. For this reason, village festivals are very popular. At certain times, these festivals are an opportunity to enrich the vacations with a note of pleasant folklore. So here are some of the festivals and sagre in Tuscany that you cannot miss!

May is the typical festival of the Maremma. Colorful occasion not to be missed

May is serious business for the Maremma. This month heralds the summer season and thus also the harvest, the most important time in the agricultural economy, along with the grape and olive harvest. May Day is also Labor Day, which, in Maremma, is a very heartfelt event. Therefore, it is a period where it is traditional to celebrate between farm and farm, between country hamlets, with lunches and songs in the open air.

Teams of singers and storytellers known as Maggerini, would move through the Maremma farms with a few musical instruments to stage songs in octava rima and without a score, "singing a canovaccio" and improvising stories. Each team could rely on the skills of a poet (so called to this day) who invented at the moment the rhymes they declaimed and which were often dedicated to events that actually happened on the farm itself. Often there could also be a response, strictly in rhyme, from another member of the farming family. This would go on for a long time, until the table was set for a convivial feast where food and wine, more than anything else, were an element of exchange and friendship.

In the town of Braccagni a strong May tradition

May has not been lost, and there are many groups in Maremma that share this custom. On the first of the month in Braccagni, a stone's throw from the Le Versegge residence, it is possible to participate in this country festival in the midst of a charming olive grove. The poets are ready to demonstrate all their singing prowess and, as if time had never passed, here is all their skill in reciting these beautiful stories in rhyme

Festivals and festivals in Tuscany: from May to village festivals

Of festivals and festivals in Tuscany there are many, just as there are many opportunities to party in Maremma. Villages take turns, from spring to autumn, in showing off their folk traditions. Food, song and dance are the themes on which to play out the festival program.

  • Gastronomic topics ranging from game to homemade egg pasta. But even poor cuisine such as snails or tripe are gastronomic topics that are great to discover for the first time.
  • Dances in the square where everyone can take part in a ballroom dance or a sensual tango.
  • Music of all kinds: from Italian folk music to more current and youthful music. Grosseto and the Maremma have in their DNA, a great sense of song and music.

Festambiente, a Maremma-friendly festival

Legambiente is the promoter of Festambiente in Rispescia, a festival of nature, good and proper food and music with concerts by established international artists. A major event that involves sixty thousand spectators and puts on a rich number of recreational and cultural activities. It is something truly eclectic when you consider that there are stable creative workshops, gastronomic exhibitions, work shops dedicated to science and research, sustainable agriculture, good products of peasant activities. A celebration of respect and education for a good relationship with nature. Maremma, which of nature is the best ambassador, could only be the epicenter of this impressive kermis dedicated to the good of ecology.

The Most Beautiful Festival: Caldana and autumn charm

Caldana is a small, elegant town set in that part of the Maremma that goes by the name of the "Colline Metallifere" due to the presence of nearby disused mines of pyrite, a mineral suitable for the production of sulfuric acid. But today Caldana is a charming tourist village. Its uniqueness lies in the subsoil, certainly not because of the presence of ferrous metals, but because of the wine. The village is entirely traversed by deep cellars dug into the tuff. Here wine found the ideal environment to be aged. Today these private "caverns" open to view thanks to the Autumn Festival in the second and third week of October. The Caldana Festival has as its theme new wine and burnt chestnuts, two protagonists of the season. The beauty of this festival is that the homes of the people of Caldana, welcome the public:

  • Open wineries and tastings after descending many steps;
  • Exhibitions set up in churches or common places;
  • Food tastings (don't miss the hot schiaccine that are baked in an oven by the owners of an old medieval house and stuffed with prosciutto, salami or capocollo);
  • The village band playing with the enthusiasm of members of all ages;
  • The new wine and the burnt ones cooking on large pierced pans;
  • Dinners in impromptu taverns eating wonderful dishes such as acqua cotta or ricotta and spinach tortelli.

A festival that is real, true and inspired by the welcome of making the country known, opening houses and giving passersby a moment of exchange and authentic celebration.

Tips for a weekend in Maremma in search of a traditional festival

Do you want to spend enchanting vacations in Maremma and with the occasion take a tour of the festivals and festivals in Tuscany? The ideal is to find an accommodation facility and rely on it to plan your vacation. The towns that organize festivals are many: From Roccastrada to Montemassi, from Montepescali to Massa Marittima (famous this one for the Balestro del Girifalco: a target competition between the city's neighborhoods).

You can book at Residenza Le Versegge, a charming resort located right in the center of the circle of the most beautiful villages, and put yourself in the hands and advice of Ilaria Krismer, who will be able to create the best program for you. Avoiding the tourist festival is essential, so it is important to plan your vacation well. When the Maremma of festivals calls, it is good to get there prepared and with the knowledge that you will find what you are looking for. Authenticity above all.

Festivals in Tuscany: a guide to events in Maremma

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