And after Covid19 what kind of vacations will we have? Here is the solution!

Among many solutions you can find, Resort Le Versegge is ideal for a trip to Tuscany. But after the Covid19 emergency, what kind of vacation will we take? The emergency due to the so-called Coronavirus forced us to stay in our homes for a long time, having to postpone projects, initiatives and trips. Weeks also profitable to reorganize our lives, reconsider consumption and why not...plan a nice trip out of town as soon as everything is really over! The idea of spending time outdoors, now more than ever, seems vital. So here are some tips on places to visit in Tuscany after the green light for everyone!

4 places to visit in Tuscany after Coronavirus

The desire to get away, to go for a walk in nature again, to discover the ancient villages of our peninsula, to get together and eat out has become a prerogative during these long days of quarantine. Tuscany really offers numerous possibilities to spend a trip out of town with the bows. And do you know why? The territorial diversity that characterizes it knows how to please every taste: those who love the sea, those who choose the hills, those who prefer the mountains or want to take a tour among the islands, those who cannot give up the spas or those who want to discover art and its facets...

In short, suitable for even the most demanding! Here then is what to visit in Tuscany at least once in a lifetime :

  1. San Quirico d'Orcia: main center of the valley of the same name as well as an ancient village of Etruscan origin. Worth visiting are the church of San Francesco, the Collegiate Church and the Horti Leonini. And once you get here, it is impossible to miss the world-famous Bagno Vignoni, whose square is made "of water," rising "miraculously" from underground as a hot spring with temperatures reaching as high as 50 degrees.
  2. Orbetello: If you want to discover the Argentario this is the ideal starting point. Then there is the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, just a few kilometers from Porto Ercole, which is an area immersed in the greenery of the lagoon where you could take a relaxing walk.
  3. Garfagnana: located in the province of Lucca is rich in medieval villages, fortresses and nature reserves. Prominent among its main attractions are the Orecchiella Park, the oasis of Campocatino, the Grotta del Vento, the Hermitage of Calomini, the fortresses of Verrucole and Montalfonso, and the ancient village of Isola Santa.

...And the fourth place to visit in Tuscany?

Among the most popular places for visitors is definitely the Maremma. In fact, in the province of Grosseto there is no shortage of initiatives and activities for young and old. So what to do in Maremma?Go to Massa Marittima to visit the town's fantastic cathedral or enter the Maremma Natural Park for bird-watching and trekking. But going to the seaside and enjoying some well-deserved rest is not bad either. And between tours, choosing a "Green" hotel facility could really make a difference....

What is meant by a Green hotel facility?

Organizing a trip out of town also means knowing how to choose a farmhouse perhaps surrounded by greenery, far from crowded places, for a totally relaxing stay. This is especially possible in those hotel facilities that have chosen an eco-sustainable turn. The so-called "Green" resorts in fact are those small-medium companies, as opposed to large hotels, that transform their image in respect of the environment and the new and important sensibility of protecting our planet. This means, for example:

  • energy from renewable sources is used
  • an attempt is made to recycle waste materials as much as possible
  • sustainable building materials are used
  • electric mobility is promoted
  • the kitchen largely uses organic and certified organic products

Companies in this area therefore, including. Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, have thus transformed themselves according to new environmental requirements. In this Residence, located in the heart of Maremma, many changes have been aimed in this direction:

  • the suites and apartments have been painted with lime, which allows them to breathe naturally;
  • state-of-the-art air conditioners have been substituted for the old ones;
  • each housing has an electronic key that triggers electricity within the room to avoid unnecessary consumption;
  • there are 8 new suites salvaged from oversized and energy-intensive apartments.

So Le Versegge Reosrt is in effect a Green hotel facility. Not only that. Located just a few minutes from the sea, it remains far from crowded and bustling places. Therefore, if you need to relax and be in touch with nature after weeks of enforced seclusion (for everyone's sake), this is the place for you: a resort surrounded by silence where you can do yoga, for example, and finally devote yourself to taking care of yourself in holy peace! Have a good rest and good food! Yes, because Le Versegge is also home to the Re Sugo Restaurant, desired by owner Tommaso Guicciardini, with the aim of supporting healthy cuisine full of traditional flavors all to be discovered. What are you waiting for then?

Resort Le Versegge is ideal for a trip to Tuscany

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