Why a resort in Tuscan Maremma to spend Easter vacations

Are you looking for a Resort in Tuscan Maremma where you can organize your Easter vacations? Easter in Maremma is recommended to fully enjoy a short vacation in a land rich in resources. If the vacation then heads to a renowned Resort, a talented restaurant and an area that offers countless opportunities for recreation, it's better.

In fact, in this period, thanks to a unique microclimate, the Maremma protects against climatic swings, thanks to the nearby sea that favors an ideal climate when, in the rest of the country, it is dreary drizzle that "bathes the branch." Residenza Le Versegge is a very special charming resort in the Tuscan Maremma , consisting of eight accommodations, thus ideal for large families, equipped with a beautiful swimming pool, a fragrant garden and its own restaurant, the Re Sugo, where the flavors of the Maremma come together in creative and imaginative cuisine.

A Little House where the most authentic luxury is its exclusive simplicity

The Residence, many years ago was a farm, an elementary school and a train station. An elegant little train that rarely passed by to take you to Siena or along the Crete Senesi. A dream.

In 2002 Le Versegge was reborn as a hotel tourist residence, and in 2005 it was completed with a restaurant. Eleven apartments all very nice and fresh, kept with care and family spirit. The nearby Re Sugo restaurant, is a place of worship for those who want a cuisine of tradition but revised with imagination and creativity. In such an environment, a very particular business idea prevails, and one that the owner, Tommaso Guicciardini Corsi Salviati, has designed in a completely "personal" way: "infact, Le Versegge was a farm belonging to my family," says Tommaso, "but it was also a place of wonderful and intimate vacations for me." The idea of creating a resort that offered a family stay formula was almost immediate, and from the desire to restore a family property became a successful endeavor.

The people behind the quality of services: who you will meet

The Residence is not only made up of well-appointed and comfortable apartments, a swimming pool with a small spa, a shady and fragrant garden, and the care of a pleasant restaurant.

This place is made up of people who care about your vacation and do so with a great spirit of understanding and professionalism. A philosophy taken from the past precisely. For all your needs Tommaso and the director Ilaria, will be with you to make your vacation a unique moment.

In the morning you will find Serena's cafeteria, with its homemade cakes, doughnuts and breads, delicious jams, ricotta cheese, local cheeses and cold cuts. So nothing that is prepackaged, nothing that is different from what was once put on the table. And "Good Food" at King Sugo's can be talked about at length. Under the direction of Tommaso, a cook by passion for as long as you can remember, following very particular recipes, you will find two sunny and capable professionals: Rey and Maylen prepare pici, tortelli, handmade tagliatelle and everything is done with respect for tradition and for the quality of dishes that are served by Dorota in the dining room, with that sympathy and that ability in recommending the ideal pairing of Maremma wines.

At Le Versegge you will find a spirit very far from the hotel spirit and very close to a Country Farm and with something more than just comfort. A true Charming Resort in the Tuscan Maremma where you can spend exclusive Easter vacations in Tuscany.

Christmas with your folks and Easter with whomever you want (maybe at Le Versegge Residence)

Take a break to be at the pool in full relaxation, stroll in our garden or along the pine tree lined walkway; simply rest on the freshly cut grass and appreciate Spring blooming in all its freshness. This is an opportunity to set a very classic yet special Easter lunch. For Easter instead, a "déjeuner sur l'herbe" to appreciate the first warm sunshine of the season. Here, then, is what we put on the table:


  • start of stuffed eggs
  • Grand Mix of Cold Cured Meats by Silvano Mori
  • Fiorino cheeses, crostini, flans
  • giardiniera and fried artichoke patties. Two with salt cod ragout
  • lamb is an Easter classic, and here's a nice Roast Rack
  • braised in the manner of peposo
  • Homemade Yogurt and Gianduia ice cream and the dove that, as with any tradition, should never be missing


  • A rich buffet of Maremma dishes to be eaten on the lawn.
  • a pleasant setting for another classic of our traditions namely the "out-of-town" outing

Small attentions for important moments

The resort in Tuscan Maremma Le Versegge is a well-established, modern but rich in history, favorable for those seeking a vacation immersed in nature and sports, with plenty of art and culture, appreciating an area of a thousand ideas and infinite resources. Your Easter vacation could be the first opportunity to discover the Maremma, while the warmth of the first hot sun could entice the daredevils to the first dip in the sea.

Resorts in Tuscan Maremma: where to plan your Easter vacations

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