Book a charming vacation in a unique territory

Tips for booking a quality vacation in the days of Google

We often wonder if it is possible to book a charming vacation in a unique area.

The answer lies in "how" the quality stay, what was once called "the luxury vacation." 

Google parameters favor present facts and not fantasy or the good name of yesteryear. 

If you wanted to take your partner to a romantic location, perhaps enjoying a good restaurant, a pool and an exclusive garden, you would once have turned to an agent.

You used to have only the starry Grand Hotel that met the concept of luxury, and it was very difficult instead to find something similar but at the same time exclusive. 

Booking a quality vacation online: how to make the right choice

Below are some tips for computer researching something that truly deserves the appellation of a charming vacation.

FARMHOUSE-we know that behind this bucolic word there is always something that doesn't add up in terms of appeal

Here, then, is where a more thorough search, perhaps adding a few more words, can make the appeal of an alternative charming farmhouse appear.

RESORT, RELAIS, HOTEL, B&B - Words like these will take us right where we want to go, but miss the goal of nature and the relationship with the land.

If I search for a romantic relais in Tuscany, it is very likely that my choice will be relegated to an expensive and inconvenient Relais & Chateaux perhaps in the chaotic center of Florence

The Maremma has everything to offer an alternative to more upscale or insistently advertised destinations.

In Maremma, there are very special and beautiful charming resorts, such as Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant where life flows pleasantly and quality lies in good taste.

We thus discover that Re Sugo, the restaurant of Le Versegge Resort, is very well ranked among the establishments in the Province of Grosseto. 

Do not underestimate the power of reviews and assisted research using social tools such as Tripadvisor or Facebook, tools that help center your search canons.

It must be understood that stars and truth are not always subjects that go hand in hand.

Look for that extra something called "luxury of simplicity" and you will hit the jackpot.

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