Resort in Maremma last minute

Did your busy schedule not allow you to plan the vacation you wanted? If you are looking for a resort in Maremma at the last moment here's how to quickly choose the resort that best suits your needs.

3 tips for choosing a resort in Maremma

The daily grind often does not help one have the time to look for travel itineraries and accommodations where one can stay overnight in serenity. So it happens that the much-desired days to unplug come suddenly. Tuscany is one of those regions that offers a wide range of activities, wellness, landscapes and flavors that are truly unique. If you don't want to be disappointed in your expectations here are 3 tips for choosing a resort in Maremma. Even at the last moment!

Relaxation. Are you looking for a resort in the province of Grosseto that is out of town and free of annoying urban noise? Make sure you find a resort surrounded by greenery, located in the quiet and pleasant Maremma countryside, perhaps with a swimming pool where you can cool off from the heat of the sun.

Convenience. Stressing yourself to get to your chosen resort because of improbable or unmarked roads, perhaps dusty and impassable, is not the best way to start your vacation. Therefore, the advice is to opt for a resort that is convenient to reach by car and possibly a few kilometers from the sea and a few minutes from the first urban center, so that you always have one choice available rather than the other, in case of a sudden change of plans.

Restaurant. Eating well and quality food on vacation is a must, without compromise. If you want to crown your rest, aim for good food: between traditional dishes and local wines you will be spoiled for choice! Preferring family-run or privately owned restaurants, outside the big commercial restaurant chains, allows you to fully enjoy local folklore and good taste for tradition.

Le Versegge: resort in Maremma

Peace, nature, scents and flavors: if you are looking for a way to stop time, take the opportunity to stay overnight in the heart of Maremma. At Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant in fact you can find the ideal environment to your rest: immersed in the Tuscan countryside, a few kilometers from the sea and easily accessible from the provincial road. At the behest of Tommaso Guicciardini, of the historic Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family as well as owner of the entire property, the Maremma resort has recently become "Green": with the recently completed works, Le Versegge supports all those initiatives aimed at the environmental and ecological sustainability of the residence and the surrounding area: for example, to encourage sustainable mobility, at the resort you can charge hybrid or electric cars without worries or additional costs. But that's not all! Suites and apartments state-of-the-art alternate with a restaurant commonly referred to as "a window to the Maremma of taste": the Re Sugo Restaurant, between creativity and Tuscan tradition.
So, if you haven't made your reservation in time, Le Versegge is ready to welcome you even last minute!

Le Versegge Resort in Maremma: discover the last minute

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