The experiences to be had: sailing


Sailing and the sea could not be forgotten in our list of "things to do in Tuscan Maremma".

The sea along the Tyrrhenian coast is among the most beautiful and cleanest in Italy. Suffice it to say that Castiglione della Pescaia has won a truly coveted trophy for years: the 5 sails from Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club.

This means clean sea but most importantly environmental services to protect the nature of our sea.

At LeVersegge Resort, your vacation moves to the sea and we'll take you on a real adventure with sailboats from Pentena, an absolute class Charter company, assisted by professional skippers.

Your land vacation will also find a combination of living an experience aboard a comfortable sailboat.

The program is varied and allows even single-day sailings. The Pentena fleet is not far from Le Versegge Resort and is easy to get to. Here you will be met by the crew of one of the available sailboats.

You can decide for a "full-wind" sail and thus acclimate yourself with this oh-so-natural way of traveling, cruising sideways or upwind, with the hull tilted and the spray from the water coming close to you, or take advantage of all the boat's comforts to land at a quiet, secluded cove for a dreamy swim.

Boating is not only rigor and technique. It is also pleasure in a relaxing activity. At sunset, before returning to port, it will be pleasant to sip a white wine, to toast with your friends to the adventure you just had

You let your imagination run away with you and LeVersegge Resort will think about organizing your first adventure in the Tuscan Archipelago for you.

Lastly: don't forget to bring back a fish for cooking from King Sugo, the restaurant at Le Versegge Resort.. It will be a feast for the eyes and the palate!