The experiences to be had: Trekking


From LeVersegge Resort it is possible to follow many well-trodden routes, and some of the itineraries start right from our charming Agriturismo. We will be the ones to guide you on the hilly paths that lead to the village of Montepescali and that, from here, follow towards the hermitage of Santa Maria, a millenary ruined building that dominates the plain and glimpses the sea not far away. For those who do not want to go to the heights and enjoy an easier route, there is the alternative of a flat path that is well suited to a dynamic but more "comfortable" client.

From LeVersegge Resort moving by car you have the choice of many different treks. The Maremma Park is about 35 km away and offers a unique scenery where nature is the undisputed mistress: wildlife in the wild to admire deer and birds of all breeds following a set path. Here you can find beautiful walking routes. Attention: since the Park is entirely dedicated to a wildlife, among the strict rules to be followed is the absolute respect of the biological balance of the place and for this reason it is not possible to bring our pets (dogs and cats in primis) with us. In Maremma Park you can enjoy many other experiences to discover this protected area: you can visit it by bike, canoe, horseback and even by carriage. For more information you can ask us or write directly to the park management:

Another alternative, opposite the sea and easily accessible by car from LeVersegge Resort, is Mount Amiata. Here you will find some ideas and yet we at LeVersegge Resort will also be able to advise you on the right itinerary for you.