The Hot Springs

Hot springs, in a region as rich as the Tuscan Maremma, certainly could not be missed. Geology has not hidden its surprises, giving many thermal areas to know and love forever.

The Terme di Saturnia spa offers one of the most unusual sights on earth: the Cascate del Mulino waterfalls, especially out of season, offer a unique view of cascading waterfalls and natural pools where you can freely bathe in body-temperature sulfurous waters. We recommend visiting them out of season, perhaps during the week, for a poignant experience. 

In any case, the well-equipped spa complex allows for an unparalleled quality of treatment. 

But not only that. Starting from Le Versegge Resort, in just under thirty minutes, you will reach Sasso Pisano. The small village that appears set in nature is located in an area of the Maremma rich in geothermal springs.

Here the hilly terrain is often interspersed with puffs of steam. These are sulfur boraciferous puffs that characterize the "Colline Metallifere" area and introduce a territory rich in geological resources. But what do we find in Sasso Pisano?

Not far from the village biolago, down the cemetery road, one enters a forest of acacia and chestnut trees. A dreamy and cool place. Here, secluded from the village, there is a washhouse of crystal-clear thermal water, where you can enjoy a unique spa experience in contact with an unblemished nature.

But nature's gifts do not end there. 

Following the roads of the Colline Metallifere is a village where you can discover true poetry; LeVersegge Resort knows of this place that we secretly recommend: a washhouse in the middle of the hot water forest where you can meditate in silence to the song of the birds. 

But the opportunities to experience the thermal Maremma are many and offer all kinds of establishments and free areas. Experiencing this Tuscan Maremma with respect is an imperative for everyone.