Mountain Locations

Mountain resorts? You'll be amazed, but that can happen in the Tuscan Maremma, too: In the morning of a beautiful March day you can ski among the white beech forests of Mount Amiata at 1700 meters, and in the afternoon, within an hour's drive, there you are in Marina di Grosseto ready for a swim in the sea. 

Maremma is also its beautiful mountains, with towns such as. Santa Fiora, Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Abbadia San Salvatore, Piancastagnaio. Timeless places of a mountain you don't expect, so sudden compared to the sea, the plains and the hills.

Mount Amiata is rich in history and is capable of astonishing for its natural variety and also for its reserved elegance. The villages are characterized by austere palaces, enriched over time with fine details.

A sign of a thriving economy in the past due to timber exploitation and the good fortune of a healthy climate compared to the discomfort of the Maremma marshes.

Suffice it to say that, until the early 1900', during the scorching summer months, the City of Grosseto moved its officials and offices to the slopes of Mount Amiata for a period called Estatatura and which served to ward off malaria. 

Maremma is also the mountains with their thousand-year-old traditions.

Among them, during the Christmas holidays, it is typical to celebrate in Santa Fiore with "Carboniere," large stacks of wood to be set on fire. A timeless spectacle that demonstrates a spirit of Christmas to be experienced with one's children.

The Amiatic Mountain is distant from LeVersegge Resort about an hour's drive.

What to do in the Maremma Nature Park