The experiences to be had: Bike


Bike is synonymous with adventure pedaling. A Le Versegge Resort you can do it in peace because our Charming farmhouse is located in the middle of the countryside.

Because with your Bike, you will then not have to make long transfers to get to the marked trails because everything is immediately within reach.

Road Bike, Mountain Bike, e-Bike and Tandem even are some ways to experience the Tuscan Maremma in a different way also thanks to LeVersegge Resort.

This latest mode of synchronous cycling is the latest American trend, and LeVersegge Resort has long partnered with AdventureTandem to help people discover this land so suitable for all types of biking, including Tandem!

Did you know that bicycling is the best way to limit cardiovascular damage? Certainly, proper bicycle use, possibly not at a competitive level, is a help to the entire muscular system. Today, then, thanks to technology, bicycle design has reached really appreciable levels: both muscle bikes and the much in vogue pedal-assist bicycles.

For this reason, Le Versegge Resort has focused heavily on the use of e-Bikes. At us you can rent them and perhaps follow one of our guided routes.

The electric bicycle will still allow you to exercise but without overwhelming you because you decide how much force you impart on the pedals. We at Le Versegge Resort really use it a lot and the models we rent are practically new and 100 percent reliable.

Maremma is particularly suited for the care of its forest trails. Our tours then include a picnic stop: we will prepare a "basket" for you at our Re Sugo restaurant and you, with your friends or family, just have to set up your picnic.

The bicycle will be a good memory to put back in the suitcase.

At LeVersegge Resort you can find an ideal organization to use your bike or rent one: we have a well-organized shed with a decent supply of tools and workbench suitable for solving small problems and repairs on the fly. In any case we have our trusted suppliers who, not only ensure all kinds of mechanical replacements to your bike, but also guarantee a tour service with professional guides who will take you on otherwise difficult to discover routes. You can still ask LeVersegge Resort for any of your curiosities to experience a bike vacation in the most fascinating part of the Tuscan Maremma.