Maremma what a movie! The places of Maremma as film sets!

Here are the locations of the most famous films shot in Maremma.

Tuscany is not only a land full of historical and scenic beauty, or a region rich in local flavors and traditions, but also an extraordinary territory, the scene of numerous films shot in Maremma.

If you are wondering which places are featured in the most famous films, this is the right article to discover, and maybe visit, places you didn't know about.

So let's see it together: Here are the locations of the most famous films shot in Maremma.


Here are 3 famous films shot in Maremma

Who would not be thrilled to pass through countryside and villages made famous by famous movies? Here, then the places of the most beautiful films shot in Maremma:

  1. All we can do is cry.
    Those who have seen it actually laugh. A film by Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi made in 1984, the title of which comes from a letter by Petrarch: "Not everything on earth has been buried: love lives, sorrow lives; we are denied to see the royal face, so we have only to weep and remember."


    And in making memories of places highlight of the film, we can mention the Maremma Grossetana Natural Park as the location of the final scene: when Mario and Xavier arrive late (with Christopher Columbus already on the high seas) at the "Spanish Palos" beach, which is actually actually Cala di Forno beach in the municipality of Magliano in Tuscany. Would you have guessed it? 
  1. Pinocchio. Here, too, the Maremma and its splendid Natural Park provide the backdrop for Benigni's film.


    Pinocchio is one of the symbols of this land, famous all over the world: it could not have lacked a setting to match the genre!

    Also the location

    Marina di Alberese has been promoted as the chosen place to host some scenes from the film: it might be a good opportunity to find out for yourself which spot was filmed...perhaps with a nice tour of the site!
  1. The Great Beauty. An Italian film by Paolo Sorrentino that has achieved great success in Hollywood, and partly shot on theGiglio Island.


    Yes, this very location in the Tuscan archipelago was involved in filming some scenes of the now Oscar-winning film.

    We are talking about the footpath down to the Capel Rosso lighthouse, the Arenella road and the Port. An island that, movies aside, is really worth visiting!

Between sets, Le Versegge

After a take here and a take there, sooner or later the time comes to stop and get some rest. And what better occasion than a resort nestled in the heart of the Maremma?

In the province of Grosseto, near Braccagni, is the unmistakable farmhouse of Tommaso Guicciardini, and rede of the noble Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family.

It is a unique place that can meet every need: whether they are comfortable apartments suites or solutions Bed&Breakfast, Le Versegge Resort may be the place for you, and it also includes the beautiful restaurant Re Sugo!

Because those who choose Le Versegge, have taste!

Here are the locations of the most famous films shot in Maremma

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