Where to find a luxury farmhouse in Maremma

How to find a luxury farmhouse in Maremma

Do you feel like spending a few days in Tuscany and are looking for a stay that suits your desire to relax? Where to find a luxury farmhouse in Maremma?

And why not do it in the best way possible, which is at a luxury agritourism in Maremma? Here are some useful tips.

4 requirements that a luxury agritourism in Maremma must have

Choosing a location to spend your next vacation may seem easy, but it may not really be!

In fact, there are must-have features that a luxury farmhouse should have in order not to leave you disappointed. So here are some tips to make the right choice and spend your days of full freedom and well-deserved rest.

  1. Sea within walking distance. In the height of the summer season, finding a luxury agritourism that has the sea just minutes away should be considered a must! .
  2. Surround yourself with greenery. It is known that a quiet place is optimal to fully enjoy all the peace that nature offers, especially after the period of stress and forced closure due to the virus.
    So looking for a facility surrounded by greenery could really make a difference.
  3. Traditional cuisine. Local products, wines and traditional dishes are some of the features that Tuscan cuisine offers. So how can you not consider the proximity to a good restaurant?
  4. Comfortable rooms. Play it safe and choose quality! In addition to the beauty of a farmhouse, also evaluate all the amenities that the facility provides. For example. a kind and helpful staff and also a beautiful swimming pool in which to cool off during the hottest hours, thus avoiding taking the car.

    Le Versegge: the whole Maremma in one farmhouse

Indeed, it is not so simple and obvious to find a facility that satisfies all tastes and fits the must-have requirements: beauty, comfort, tranquility, cleanliness, good food, and so on.

If for your desired vacation you do not want to compromise you do well! Here then arises the possibility of considering Le Versegge Resort & Restaurant, a luxury agritourism in the heart of Maremma.

A perfect location to also organize pleasure trips, excursions, visits to natural and artistic parks, spas, mountains and unfailingly the sea, there just a few kilometers away.

In addition, the complex is under the banner of a true Green vacation that allows you to charge your car for free.

Owner Tommaso Guicciardini--from the historic Guicciardini Corsi Salviati family--has seen fit to flank an exceptional restaurant, often referred to as "a window on the Maremma of taste": the Re sugo in fact reconciles typical traditional cuisine with interesting and creative culinary reinterpretations that renew taste and experiment with a new way of understanding Tuscan flavors. Not to be disappointed, choose quality, without compromise.

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