Why stay in one of the charming residences in Tuscany


Are you thinking of planning your next vacation in Tuscany and would like to do it in a very special way? In this land rich in nature and culture, you're spoiled for choice: you could, for example, stay in one of the many -and beautiful- charming residences in Tuscany just waiting to be visited. Have we intrigued you? Here's a short guide to carefully choosing your next place to live.

Guide to choosing among the most beautiful charming residences in Tuscany

Tuscany is a unique land, made up of very special territories, such as Mugello, Chianti, Casentino, Garfagnana, Lucchesia and Maremma: these are all places where, differently for each of them, the countryside plays the leading role. Those who want a kind of vacation that is synonymous with nature, balance, ecology, and traditions will really have to come to Tuscany.

The country accommodations you can choose from, however, are often classified into:

  • Farmhouses;
  • RTAs - or Hotel Tourist Residences;
  • CAV - Holiday Homes;
  • Residence;
  • Historic homes;
  • Charming Hotels

Each one offers its own peculiarities and each one guarantees its own specific goal, but organizing a vacation in the countryside in Tuscany is still not an easy choice as there are really many factors to consider, mainly related to the real quality offered by the facilities one relies on.

How to choose a charming accommodation in Tuscany?

Ideally, you should look for a charming abode in the Tuscan countryside where food, nature, comfort and service intertwine to offer you a dream vacation. The advice then is to fall back on good facilities and know that good service, a well-appointed apartment, a breakfast on the lawn or a romantic dinner can be found as long as you follow certain rules:

  • Be wary of farmhouses that are too familiar and rustic. Often you won't even find a chicken there, and some of the products on sale may not live up to expectations. You may even get a prepackaged snack for breakfast;
  • Better to rely on country but experienced facilities. The pool, restaurant, a small spa will be a good alternative to your sightseeing or sports program;
  • Super high price is not always synonymous with charm. Know that everything has a cost, and if quality pays, quality pays back for the vacation. Make an assessment of the good value of facilities;
  • Efficiency, fairness, honesty. Today tourism is protected by strict rules. So know that having clean lodging, a well-filtered pool, a manicured garden and zero-mile products are not optional extras to be paid for separately. Reading reviews can help, but it is also important to see the photographs on the facility's website and be clear about what you are looking for on your vacation.

A mistake not to make, is to rely on agencies: this often does not improve your search and distances the certainty of arriving at the desired place. Better to play on charm, and in the country, we like the idea of the hotel tourist residence, which, perhaps more than any other examples, shows great transformism, allowing both hotel vacation and DIY. Some examples:

  • Campeggi's Villa in Mugello;
  • Le Versegge Resort (pictured)
  • Terme di Sassetta spa not far from Sasso Pisano;

Examples that are different from each other but can offer something very special: familiarity and customer care. Yet here you will not find a chickadee, or a piglet but, in any case, you will be directed well inside the farmland and will not have to give up anything of the beauty and charm of the countryside. Such is the case with the Re Sugo restaurant which, in Le Versegge itself, has proven that even outside the agritourism system, it is possible to do 0-km catering and serve traditional country dishes revised with class, imagination and creativity.

Charming, country Tuscany is always ready to take on new challenges in contrast to other types of tourism. We like, in taking a look at Tuscany, to point to those establishments that can count on a personal story, which is a way to be in the family and count on personalized service. This should be the charm of a vacation, the added value.

Rebirth with small attentions...

This is not a concept that applies to the whole world: in fact, in times of globalization, Tuscany is doing great, thanks perhaps to a far-sighted vision that has brought out the most complete and solid structures in their philosophy. This is what you will have to look for on your charming vacation in the Tuscan countryside. You will have the opportunity to encounter an area unique in its beauty and nature and the ancient quality, in this dreamy land, of reviving those who show it true love.

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