Digital Detox: unplug

Digital Detox: unplug.

Digital Detox what does it mean? We all live in a technological age that has changed our lives.

Everything we do is connected to electronic instruments that, in turn, are controlled by computers.

All of this has led us to behave very differently than in the past, let's see how we are connected:

  • Phone, Computer, Devices
  • Appliances and Smart Home
  • Automobiles, means of transportation
  • Transactions, banking, economic relations
  • Leisure, culture, vacation, reservation
  • Social, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence

Everything we do is connected to a computer, and every environment in which we interact is integrated into the digital world.

The result of this technological but also social change is definitely the result of great convenience. Want to book a vacation? Soon done, even from the couch at home you can buy your plane ticket, take a rental car, choose a hotel facility not before reading good reviews.

A great convenience that, however, can sometimes make us enslaved and, in the worst cases, even stressed or conditioned by so much digitization.

The addiction of spending hours with a smartphone in hand has created a much more informed but less self-sufficient society.

This state of malaise became a real intoxication for which we were not prepared.

We are a generation born with the old gray phones of Sip (the old telephone company), we always had a token in our pocket, we were not tracked, we had to stand in long lines at the bank to make a payment, but we were aware of our human limitations.

Time (and loss of time) left us with a distinct identity.

Today we are losing this identity.

What to do then? Proceeding with a Digital Detox vacation may be the answer.

Where can I find a Digital Detox solution? The best solution is to look for a facility that is in close contact with the most beautiful nature.

It is nature itself that is the counteracting element to digitization.

Le Versegge Resort, a charming farmhouse in the Tuscan Maremma., has for many years been the ideal retreat for those who want a relaxing vacation.

You can combine business with pleasure and enroll in a Digital Detox program.

Vacation is best done in company and thus have a group experience that helps to regain balance, relationship with one's body, relationship with the real environment.

Of course, the Digital Detox Vacation at Le Versegge Resort involves a minimum of commitment: getting up in the morning, having breakfast together, doing sports (e.g., walking), thinking about ourselves and taking care of our minds and bodies.

An introductory course in yoga is very important for acquiring a new relationship with ourselves.

Even a massage or a water shatzu session can make us slow down our inner pressure and improve our stress response.

But what is the secret to a Digital Detox vacation? As soon as you arrive at this Charming Resort in the Tuscan Maremma, forget your cell phone.

This will be held for when you leave again. Any urgency will be bypassed on the staff so you will always be on call to your family and friends.

You will not see a minute of television but you can listen to live music. You will then be able to take a Tibetan bell class but not put on headphones to listen to Spotify.

You can read the news but in the old newspaper and touching the pages. Now that's good for you.

You can prepare dinner together with our chef: in fact, there are planned Cooking Class to learn about our dishes or enjoyable wine tastings.

When you leave again you will know how to do one very important thing for yourself. You'll know how to turn off your phone more often, but more importantly, you won't miss it.

Ask Le Versegge Resort about experiencing your Digital Detox vacation.

Maremma is always good for you.

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